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    How long until i get good at COD ?

      I just started playing about a week ago, for the first time. I am currently playing MW3. This is first fps game I have played since I was about 14 years old when I used to play ghost recon.. I am 23 now and looking at being an elite soldier on COD. I have now got up to level 14 and I haven't played much multiplayer because I know I'm not good enough yet, I have finished the campaign mode and I have just started special ops,  I have just done the Stay Sharp obstacle course, at first I was really slow and had no idea what I was doing, but after about 50 shots I finally can do it in about 33 seconds. I still cant get to 28 seconds because I am using the keyboard and mouse to play and my fingers always hit the wrong keys, and I can't position my fingers on the keys properly.


      What I am trying to say is what can I do to improve my game on mw3 ? so I can move onto ghosts.. I want to get good at mw3 first so when I come to ghost I have a bit of knowledge.

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          Re: How long until i get good at COD ?

          Don't even worry about MW3 if you are aiming to play ghost. Most "skill" is actually knowledge of the maps. What are the heavily traveled routes? Where are all the spawn points? Mostly it comes from just play time. You eventually gain a sense of knowing where the enemy is or is going to be and playing around that.


          As far as gun play goes. That just has to be developed especially if you haven't played FPS. No shame in playing bots. Start off on easy mode and work your way up until you start killing more than you are dying. When you think you are ready start off with team deathmatch. Follow your team mates around, let the lead, or as i call it bait.


          Don't get aggravated. You kill and get killed. When you lose a match it's best to figure out what you could have done better. If you are still playing MW3 take advantage of theater mode. If you see another guy just completely dominating go back and watch the game again, see how he played, learn from it.

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              Re: How long until i get good at COD ?

              Thanks a lot, good info, I will buy ghosts soon and do what you say, I will copy and paste into notepad on my laptop so I can read what you said later. Learning the maps and the spawn points and where the enemy will be would be a good advantage. I remember when I used to be the king of 007 goldeneye when I was like 10 years old, I remember learning the maps and out of about 10 friends of mine, they could never kill me, I was always the best at 007 lol... anyways time to move into the future with COD. Team death match sounds good, as I can follow my team around yeah and then watch the reply of how they play yeah.. just wondering is it possible to get that good that you never die? or is that impossible? cheers.

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                  Re: How long until i get good at COD ?

                  when I first started playing COD...man that's ages ago. COD1...cant even remember what noob I was but I was a big one. Now these days you have Youtube and there are a lot of footage about good players and the best thing is still learn from them. Even I still do it. find some good spots, ways to go on certain gametype, stuff like that.


                  If you buy COD ghosts I'm willing to help you and find your way through the maps. I still need t learn some maps, is taking me longer since they're bigger than I thought in the beginning but I will get there.


                  Feel free to add me. Steam name: oscshooter





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                Re: How long until i get good at COD ?

                Getting good at the current game alone? Maybe a couple of weeks. Just as long as it takes to learn the maps, the guns and the perks.

                Getting good at the game itself? Well, that would probably take a couple of years. The "problem" with such an old series is that many people out there have hundreds and thousands of hours of experience.

                It may be easy to beat the "average Christmas noob" quite soon but it'll take much longer to be good at the game in a "universal" way.

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                  Re: How long until i get good at COD ?

                  I assume your playing on PC?

                  if so, do yourself a favour, buy cod4 and waw on pc

                  cod4 is modern warfare

                  waw is ww2 warfare

                  both games run with ranked and unranked(modded) servers

                  both have mp_configs that are adaptable to suit your and your pc's strengths.

                  both have a server browser where you can choose a low ping(best connection) and gametype/style that is to YOUR preference.

                  sure there are haxors, but there are also good servers with good admins , that take care of the haxors, leaving you with the comfort of having a few hours fun,

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                    Re: How long until i get good at COD ?

                    It took me like a year and a half before i thought of myself as good lol.

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