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      I find it some what of an Enigma that the one thing this game requires for it to succeed is the one thing that at this moment in time is making the game very difficult to like and even play. And that is the gamers themselves.  When I play with my Clan, I enjoy the game, yes it has some horrible faults and I wouldn't say it advanced gaming what so ever. But over all playing with friends or a Clan makes the game far easier to tolerate than playing in random groups. Shame I have to use the word TOLERATE and COD in the same sentence.


      It's just not fun no matter how carefully you play and how many camp spots you check to be killed so often by campers and people using the thermal scope.  It seems there is always half the opposing team camped up ruining any kill streaks I'm going for. Yes there has and always will be campers in COD but with the design of the maps, it's something that is rapidly destroying any enjoyment I try and have,

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          May I ask you one question: How would you want others to play to make you feel happy about playing COD?


          A) Standing in the middle of the map?

          B) Standing in their spawn not moving?

          C) Running no stop at you to give you and your friends easy kills all the time?


          Im just curious, because far too many players call this game bad, because they cannot control how others play. I hope you answer with sincerity.

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            I agree. I play solo 75% of the time. Usually, I would just hop on ffa when by myself, however ffa is a travesty in this game and the score limit is rarely reached. That mixed with bad spawns does make this game difficult for the lone wolf, however I have noticed that if you acquire the right perks,i.e. incog, dead silence, and sitrep, you can succeed by yourself. I just try not to worry about my stats and have been trying several different playstyles in this game that I normally would not have used before. Some work, others don't.

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              Keepmequite wrote:


              Yes there has and always will be campers in COD but with the design of the maps, it's something that is rapidly destroying any enjoyment I try and have.


              I love camping in Ghosts and it always brings a smile to my face whenever I pop someone and I get a Buzzkill. If the kill is in close quarters, I make sure I teabag him and I hope he watch the killcam and make him rage. When I see the enemy team start losing players due to rage quitting, I know I did my job well and it brings me happiness and enjoyment.

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                  The few times I've tried to 'camp' I just got way too bored. I just don't see how you can sit there for several minutes waiting for someone to run haplessly by and be entertained.

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                      You don't have to sit for minutes. Ever heard of mobile camping? Camping for minutes on end and hoping someone passes by is not that good of a strategy unless your enemies are complete noobs. Move and scan is much more effective. You move and scan the area for 3-5 seconds and move again. To your unwitting victims, you will appear to be camping but you are actually mobile camping. If I know I'm up against a bunch of noobs who comes back for more then there is no reason to move and I'll farm for kills until they flush me out. Why move when they are willing to sacrifice themselves?

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                    lets look at the other side of the coin...


                    you are a random, playing against a clan. what do you do?


                    you KNOW they are communicating and you KNOW your own team is not?


                    do you play the objective and get thoroughly beaten into the ground being the only one on your team that cares enough to assemble some type of commitment to winning




                    do you start to look out for your own interests since everyone else in the lobby is.


                    i know what i do.


                    now, if its randoms Vs. randoms, then it is a MUCH better game.


                    i pretty much play HCDOM exclusively and i find that the team effort is higher in HC than in core.


                    but i have a rule, if im the only guy capping the home flag at the start of a match while half my team is discharging their weapons into the air, i already know whats about to happen and im not going for B flag. i'll walk the map and kill the enemy instead.

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                      I personally think the extreme campers (not to be confused with regular campers) the ones that try and maintain 5,6,7 KD ratios whilst not offering any help to the obj are the ones doing the most damage to this franchise,aside from the demanding squeakers.

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                        The serious and competitive perspective:


                        You're right. Playing solo with randoms can be annoying. The only way to avoid it is to play with friends and communicate. So if  winning and being competitive is your goal, don't go solo.


                        The happy-go-lucky perspective:


                        Lots of people play for fun. Challenges, trolling, and having a good time are all reasons to play as well. Instead of blaming them for playing a way other than you think they should, blame yourself for being a random.


                        Blaming maps, camping, and thermal scopes in Ghosts is no different than someone complaining about maps, run-n-gunning, and target finders in BO2. We all have different perspectives.


                        Play serious and pissed off. Play for fun and less serious with a smile. Mix them together. Or don't play. What else can we do?

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