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    Uniform not unlocked


      I completed the operation to unlock the PMC heavy Elite but the uniform did not unlock. The operation was active in the list and I got the patch and bonus for completing the operation. Playing on the xbox 360. Any ideas how to fix this?

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          Same issue here. I completed task to unlock DEVGRU Sniper Basic and after the match it showed the patch and vest for the unlocks.....but still locked in the uniform selections.

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            MMost likely what happened here is you unlocked the operation for the version of the outfit of othe opposite sex character. Male and female characters have different requirements for the same outfits. For example; if you want Federation Standard Operator for a female you need to complete Ping Perk 2 (. A real sob) but to unlock the same outfit for male characters it requires Eagle Eye 1 (Much easier) check to see if the out fit you unlocked is available for a different sex and go from there. A good way to make sure this doesn't happen again is to view the outfit you want from the character of the sex you are looking to unlock it for and then follow the operation back to patches... Hope this helps.