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    Map Packs


      I feel like they should do a throwback map pack like bring back maps from cod2 and 4 like Toujane, and harbor from Call Of duty 2 and District(City Streets), Broadcast from Call Of Duty 4. I like when they do that because its cool and fun to see maps we all know and love make a come back. Just a thought.

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          agree we need killhouse just for fun cuz free-fall isnt the best map. to be honest with u boring to play.or maybe crossfire from cod 4 or crash would be awsome

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            No No No No No NO NO!


            Every title we get this nonsense. "Bring back this map... bring back this gun..." NO.


            It is a new game. Why are we asking them to bring back things WE'VE ALREADY PLAYED THOUSANDS OF TIMES?


            Encourage the Devs to give us something new. To use the Map Packs to fill in maps with things missing on release. To give us something WE HAVEN'T SEEN BEFORE.


            Enough with asking for old stuff. It never works out, and quite frankly, if I pay for Map Packs, I want New Things. Not Old.


            Besides those maps wouldn't work as well in this context as they did in their own. Can we please... PLEASE... stop allowing laziness from the Devs and demand new things?

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                i agree totally!, i dont want to play old maps that i have played hundreds of times. i want all new maps, never seen before maps.  the regular maps in ghosts are very good. i want more maps like these, interactive, etc, not old ones from old games!

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                khello we need ELITE BACK!!! . This very bad for you it could have been easy just to keep elite online on the pc and easy connection for your phone not some app . We as the gamers who buy your product what something that works not some app that does not work with some phones or tabs . I am a leader of my clan and I can take control of my clan and I can make anyone the the new leader that sucks. Please you have time to correct this problem you have time before you loss more gamers.Some feel that you let us down but the proof is in the connection change it back . I go online to elite and I see that clan ops and challenges have changed just to BLK OPS 2 no MW3 CLAN OPS or challenges elite was just as easy as it gets .Now my clan wants me to upgrade my phone or buy a tab its not that easy for me . I have been trying to down load for google play and I can't it's not my problem its yours for change'n up something that was working to something that don't .Go back to elite please save this game before its to late.

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                  I second on NOT using old maps as "fillers" for map packs. I don't justify paying for a map pack when they just re-skinned an old map. Now on the other hand IF they GAVE US ALL a free map or 2 over the course of the life of the game, I have ZERO issues with that. Say they offer a re-make of the map "Wasteland" from MW2 and it is a FREE map to everyone. Then when the DLC drops they add four NEW maps.


                  I can GUARANTEE that with the laziness that IW has when they bring back DOME and the other map it will look EXACTLY the same. At least when Treyarch re-made maps, they re-skinned them and made them different.


                  Also what a LOT of people fail to realize is that most maps just simply DO NOT play well in a different game. The same map layout that worked in COD4 may not work in Ghosts due to the fact of the different perks, killstreaks, weapons, attachments, etc.


                  I just as mush as the next guy have favorites from past COD titles that I absolutely LOVED playing. Treyarch hit the nail on the head in BO2 with the remakes of Nuketown, Firing Range and Summit. Those were BY FAR the most played and LOVED maps in BO.

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                    no. if you want to play them maps then put in the game. the only way a throwback map would be cool is if it was revamped. say fallen from mw3. that map was fun and I liked it but if they were to bring it back I would hope they made some changes to it. make the buildings you couldn't go in or on the ones you can and vise verse. maybe put new obstacles in the way or remove obstacles. and if they do throw in some throwbacks hopefully they don't throw them all in a map pack. we only need one in a dlc if any. im just saying, I don't want to see the same old map. it doesn't take long to get sick of the maps. and I actually liked the way mw3 did their dlc last year. they had new maps every month not every three. its been almost a month and the maps they came stock with ghosts are already getting stale. I usually play for a month and half or two then wait for new maps. three months is just too long.