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    Looking for a new clan

      xSSx (xSharpxShooterx)  just started up and there is only myself in the clan. I currently possess a 3.22 K/D ratio in call of duty ghosts. If you are a good player and are looking to win then join the clan ! Apply now !

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          Re: Looking for a new clan

          what console you on??

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            Re: Looking for a new clan

            Dont know what you open to my friend -- but my group is also starting out -- will give the opportunity to project your skills with the team whatever way you can to win --

            Have alot of people standing to get into the clan -- waiting to get the game from their wives --


            If interested in combining  with my clan please feel free to request and invite


            Search ( Radical Redskins ) on the Ghosts app


            Since we are on low numbers you will have the chance to help build an epic team --

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              Re: Looking for a new clan

              Simplicity Gaming



              A Competitive Call of Duty Community

              Playstation 3


              Live Simple.  Kill Simple.



              If you’re interested in joining the Simplicity community, please visit our main forums at SimplicityGaming.com and post an application under ourApply to Simplicity thread.


              Xat Chat Link: Welcome_to_Simplicity chat group - A Competitive Call of Duty Community


              Requirements to Join

              Ghosts K/D ratio of 1.5 and Ghosts W/L ratio of 1.25


              Ghosts K/D ratio of 1.25 and Ghosts W/L ratio of 1.5


              Team Stats:

              Team K/D- 1.8

              Team W/L- 5.25 (84%)


              Simplicity Gaming was founded in November of 2013 by four, dedicated, Call of Duty players with over 15 years of clan leadership between them.  Simplicity Gaming was formed on having both an emphasis in competitive play and a sense of community.  Too often, clans are able to achieve one of these aspects, but not both.  A competition-driven clan becomes too large overtime and a sense of community is lost in the process.  On the other hand, a clan that focuses on fun and casual gaming is limited to just that.  They are unable to get into the competitive scene without doing a major overhaul of their clan’s structure and membership.  We believe we have found that perfect mix of both.


              At Simplicity, we are looking for Call of Duty players that share the same dedication we do.  We want players that are willing to grow in their gaming skills and bring those skills to the competitive scene, but in the process, make friends and have an awesome time as well.


              Please don’t hesitate to visit our forums or Xat chat.  Both links are listed above.  If you have any questions about Simplicity Gaming, feel free to post on this thread, private message one of the founders (Kab, Conman, Cat, and Sizy) on our forums, or stop by the Xat chat and see if someone is around.  We’ll be more than happy to help assist you in any way possible.


              Simplicity Gaming is a competitive, Call of Duty community that only plans on growing in the months and years to come.  We have the experience and drive to make Simplicity Gaming the best Call of Duty community out there, and want you to be a part of that journey as well.

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