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    The origns ending is not what we think..... Theory

      I know I know I know what you're all thinking..... But I think the story is just progressing.   At first glance the ending appears to be a little girls imagination. But it's more than this. How do I know this: Self awareness in game.  ---The characters will constantly say, " that chalk symbol just spat out a shooter." Or " what does money have to so with this"  the players are aware... They are alive!!  They're just trying to move on!! Then there is the free will of the player- in origins Samantha becomes infuriated with us if we don't do the EE... When I played GIJOES 20 years ago, they did what we told then to- with no pushback... Lol . Even when we lit them on fire... ..  There is a free will at play here.  There is someone's eyes we're looking though as Samantha plays.    Treyarch left a hell of a cliffhanger- it's a long draw though.... The way Samantha says that her dad will make everything right is Rivoting...

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          Re: The origns ending is not what we think..... Theory

          In Origins we have 2 strategies that are easy to spot...

          A.Do the EE

          B.Dont do the EE and stay at Crazy Place.

          During the game play you hear various quotes from characters, and most are against helping Sam

          "Are you an angel or a Demon?"

          In my opinion she is a Demon, and her demanding you help her in demonic voice just confirms that.

          Many theories here...

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            Re: The origns ending is not what we think..... Theory

            The fact that the characters even mention the chalk and power ups actually supports the idea of it being a game than the opposite. As for Samantha demanding the players do as she say's... she is playing with Eddie, and it could be her telling Eddie to play her way, as she does in the sequence itself.


            I am open to the story continuing, but I just don't see it happening. I think Samantha's last line of the sequence is them possibly confirming a real life outbreak happening in the world they occupy.


            I am not even remotely willing to entertain that this is Samantha freed from Agartha. I am sure if she was freed from such a place, the first thing would not be her playing in a bedroom with her friend and toys. I would expect it to be a more dramatic and believable sequence than something like this. Like her and her father reuniting, not just her playing as if nothing happened. She would be completely traumatized for a start.

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              Re: The origns ending is not what we think..... Theory

              Just theories...

              There is a few quotes that i find a bit interesting, Freya the church robot radio, Maxis quotes... "this girl claims to be my daughter". I think that when we do the EE on this map we release Sam or Demon more like it and should really avoid doing so, what we see in the end cut scene is probably the beginning of the story and not the end as Sam herself mentioned at the start. "I am going to show you how it all began"

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                  Re: The origns ending is not what we think..... Theory

                  its exactly as they told us

                  an alternate reality

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                      Re: The origns ending is not what we think..... Theory

                      The whole zombies storyline is an alternative reality technically, so just because the announced it with Origins does not necessarily mean it is non canon.


                      If that was to be the case, the it makes the map and the ending completely redundant and pointless.

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                          Re: The origns ending is not what we think..... Theory

                          There is deffinitely something brewing here.  The more I let it sink in, the more sense it makes.   These producers at treyarch had to have more in store than just toy story 4... Lol... I mean trollinsky uses a lot of symbolism and hints in his tweets and pictures- it feels like we're almost able to piece it together but then we can't. They are showing us the main picture but only hints at the real picture going on.   Didn't they find that "meat" picture in the PC files?.... I think everything has a little bit of the puzzle embedded in it.


                          I Was thinking the other day- the cut scene is after the origins EE... No one but story enthusiasts will even attempt that beast of an Egg... The cutscenes was tailored for enthusiasts. - surely they didn't fumble the ending with toy story 4...

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