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    Clan Wars?

      So honestly ghost has been a bit of a let down for me. But the whole clan wars thing has intrigued me but just then,another let down unfortunately .My clan and i have been playing tdm pretty steady since the 25th, the start of the clan wars. Yesterday the ghost app said we were currently holding in 2nd place with 45 wins. All day yesterday my clan played a lot of matches and won roughly 75% of them and yet the 45 wins has not moved since i was able to view clan wars in the app. So my question is, what am i doing wrong? We win match after match and none of them seem to register in the clan wars app. Another odd thing is that the clan sitting in first place number of wins goes up and down all day. At one point they were down to 16 and yet still holding the top spot...... I really dont know whats wrong with this app and game, Problem after problem makes me think it may be time to find a different first person shooter game.

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          Re: Clan Wars?

          BF4 would love some of your attention.

          I know I'm getting that next.

          Now need to upgrade to PS4 just yet.

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              Re: Clan Wars?

              i dont really want to play any other game. since i started playing cod on the ps ive loved it. Im a hardcore cod fan for sure. I just feel that this is not the first cod ever and i dont understand how after so many games there are soooooooo many problems . Its frustrating to say the least. The clan wars gave me a goal and now that no game i play and win seems to count it just seems pointless.

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              Re: Clan Wars?

              This is how clan wars works:

              You are matched with 7 other clans of similar size and game time.

              You fight for control of territories and the first to claim each territory gains the xp bonuses, until another clan takes it over.

              After you take control of the territory (by hitting the goal amount of wins), you have to keep winning to keep that node. Each win in that territory by any of the 7 clans will cause your number of wins to go down. When it hits zero, the area becomes neutral and is waiting for a clan to capture it.

              Hope this helps


              The reason your wins are not going up is because you are causing the 1st place teams wins to drop

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                Re: Clan Wars?

                Yeah man, def am holding the point too.

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                  Re: Clan Wars?

                  Hey AWW-DIN,


                  Thanks for posting! It is as The_Rushing_Tactic said, you will need to to chip away at the winning teams territory in order to obtain more wins/rank. You can find more detailed information about Clan wars here Clan Wars Info.



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