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    Screen goes black after a few seconds on the multiplayer screen

      I have seen this problem multiple times on this forum, and not once have you guys even acknowledged it. I'm glad you are patching various in game issues but don't you think you should at least throw a bone to the people like me who have spent 10 hours trying to debug this game just so i can at least turn it on and get into a match?


      As a little reminder, i download the patch, i turn on the game, i open up the multiplayer menu and go online. After <5 seconds myscreen goes black and i can do nothing. It used to give me a disc read error, no nothing happens no long how I leave it at this screen.


      I really enjoy this game, i've played it an obnoxious amount of hours on ps4 considering it was just released a week and a half ago. Please just give us some hope that we will be able to play it again.Production AdministratorAdministrator