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    G'day OT.  WhAt are you guys/gals thankfull for?

      I have not visited the regular COD forums very much in weeks.  I have been a member of these forums for years and only recently found my home here in the OT.  Sounds cheesy but the regulars here are all slowly becoming folks behind a computer screen that I legitimately care about and more scary than that trust.  With Thanksgiving a few hours away I wanted to see what you guys/gals are truely thankful for.  Post your cheesyness............


      I am most thankful for 3 healthy kids who make every sacrifice of every day worth doing.  My perception of life has changed in the last 6 years since my first was born and I no longer make decisions based on what I want or need but what they want or need.


      I am thankful for a wife who went through 3 surgeries to bring them into this world and who sacrificed her own body for over 2.5 years of pregnancy so I could reap the benefits and rewards of being a father 3 times.


      I am thankful for having a good paying job that allows me to do the things I enjoy like playing games when so many others out there cannot find work.


      Peace and health to you all and I hope you have a great holiday season and Christmas.  Remember as stressful as life gets this time of year there are many out there with nothing who would gladly take your place and embrace the stress as a gift.

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