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    The controller handles so much different than the 360 version, makes it unplayable

      If you played heavily on the 360 before the release of the x box one than may god help you.


      The controller handles so much differently that it makes it almost impossible to play. It doesn't matter what sensitivity I put ( I used default on 360) it seems like i'm trying to turn my gun through quick sand.


      Everything is soooooooooooo much slower and so touchy it makes me want to barf all over my lap.


      I might just play this game exclusively on the 360 because the controller handles like complete dump.


      Anyone else notice this, is it latency, hd lag, or did they just develop it like that? I hope its not the latter because its atrocious.


      If you have any tips around this to make it feel more like the 360 PLEASE respond.