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      My friend who I play with all the time has just been infected by a hacker we came across.

      He was infected with GOD MODE and can no longer be killed in game on PS3.

      He has a non modded system.


      I don't want to be infected by a hacker and banned or reset because of it.

      This is a very serious issue that is taking place and could  cause harm to the infected users PS3 possibly.

      Now Activision has their work cut out for them.


      The hacking problem is far more complicated than expected.

      Which means a simple patch is not going to fix the mess these hackers have made.


      Players will not be reset or banned because it would cause a massive problem with people who never modded or intended to cheat in the first place but were infected by a hacker.

      I understand now it is going to be a very slow process in dealing with it.


      I don't even want to play teams games anymore.

      That is how my friend got infected.


      I'll be patient with Activision since I know this is going to be a long term issue that will be dealt with over time.


      I do enjoy Free For all very much it's just too bad I'm stuck playing it only.


      Just giving you all a heads up warning if you encounter anything odd like this.

      Remember to report hackers if you come across them in game as well.