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    Getting error code 16384

      Piece of **** Call of Duty game is having more issues.  Try to connect online and it says fetching online profile, yet I can see in the background my rank and name.  Then after a minute of nothing it won't connect and says error code 16384.  This game is absolutely a piece of trash as it is.  I would pay Game Stop to take it back so I can play something that is better like Zumba Dance.  Can't believe they think this game is an upgrade.  No wonder everyone leaves for Battlefield.

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          Re: Getting error code 16384



          First off, please let me know what console you are playing on.


          Secondly, whats your current connection looking like, a wired or wireless? Do have more than one device connected to your router?


          Also, can you let me know what the error message stated?




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              Re: Getting error code 16384

              Playing on 360. 


              Wired straight into the modem.  Router hooked to the modem also.  Laptop running off the router with plenty of connection.  Game worked again this morning and now is having the same issue. 


              Lets all just face it.  Call of Duty is a **** game now and rarely ever works properly.  Titanfall can't come soon enough.

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                Re: Getting error code 16384

                I am having the same issue all the time my connection is wired and my platform is the Xbox 360. I have an excellent connection there shouldnt be issues. This is the only game that causes me problems and its not just getting into multiplayer it also happens trying to play squads and extinction. I am so frustrated that I paid $120 to not be able to play most of the time.

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                Re: Getting error code 16384

                Well, if you googled that error number you would see that it is a microsoft error alert. Could be caused as such things as an incorrect install, or unistall, etc.

                First off - Just turn off your Xbox and let it sit for a few minutes. Go back in and see if problem is resolved.

                If you keep getting the error I suggest the following:

                Unistall Ghosts off harddrive. Delete any associated files from from Harddrive.

                Empty your hard drive cache. Turn your Xbox off and make a cup of tea (5-10mins)

                Then Install Ghosts back on to harddrive. Re-download any updates.

                See how that goes.

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                    Re: Getting error code 16384

                    Actually did that.  Was on the support with Microsoft for over an hour with it.  Uninstalled my profile, reset the xbox settings, cleared the cache, removed downloads, re-downloaded profile, re-downloaded updates.  Same problem.

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                        Re: Getting error code 16384

                        Ok - good to see you have the basics of troubleshooting.

                        Couple of questions.

                        Does this error come up every time ?

                        What does your Nat type say?

                        When you deleted updates/game did you make sure that there was no pending/active downloads in your download history? (I have had a situation where I was doing everything I could to get a download to work - I didn't realise that there was still the "corrupted download" in the system. It seems with the Xbox a fresh download gets stuck with past bad downloads).

                        Also - whenever you do this sort of troubleshooting do two things:

                                   1. Powercycle your modem (a good 5 mins off) before doing anything new.

                                   2. Don't be hasty in powercycling your xbox - time off allows your machine to reset it's brain

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                            Re: Getting error code 16384

                            This error comes up every night I play.  Can go on for upwards of an hour. At that point I just give it up for the night.  Some nights I can get right into a game and not have any problems.  Come back an hour later and I get the error code.  My nat is always set to open.  The only thing that I downloaded was the update.  I didn't even reinstall FreeFall since I have yet to actually play the map since half the people don't have it.  When I restart the modem I usually restart the XBox. 

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                          Re: Getting error code 16384

                          Actually, I have the same problem on the PC version of Call of Duty: Ghosts so this can't be a Microsoft related issue.

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                          Re: Getting error code 16384

                          When I get that error I simply turn off my xbox and restart it and it goes away and I can connectl

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