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      each time i go to  play ghosts this error code 16384 comes up yet my brother in same house can get on call of duty

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          Re: GETTING ERROR CODE 16384

          Hello bendeathsatan666,


          Thanks for posting! I will need some more information in order to investigate further. Can you let me know which console are you playing on? Are you using a wireless connection? Lastly, what does the error message says?




          ATVI Support

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              Re: GETTING ERROR CODE 16384

              Good evening ATVI,

              I am also receiving the same error message trying to play Call of Duty Ghosts in Multiplayer. I have not received any feed back as far as what is causing this, however I would like to find an answer or a work around as soon as possible since us customers have paid a pretty penny on this video game and have been experiencing nothing but bugs and issues such as this one. I have provided a more detailed list of information to help you better understand the issue and our frustrations. I'm pretty sure this answers @bendeathsatan666problem as well.



              My personal set up description will be listed below the recreation steps and message.

              Console:  Xbox 360



              To recreate issue:

              1) Turn on console.

              2) Click on Game to play

              3) Select "Multiplayer" in Main Screen

              4) Connect to Xbox Live

              5) *ERROR*: Profile says it is being "fetched" but the following message appears.



              "The Call of Duty:Ghosts server is not available at this time. Please try again later or visit http://www.callofduty.com/ghosts/status for updates.


              Error Code: 16384"



              Personal Set Up and Trouble shooting done:

              1) Console: Xbox 360 (Has been restarted multiple times. Issue still persists connecting to COD server in multiplayer)

              2) High Speed Cable Internet (Speed checks have been done over the phone with my ISP and at home. No drops or low signals)

              3) Wired Connection

              4) NAT: Open

              5) All router ports and settings have been opened for Online game play. Router has been power cycled numerous times and settings have been checked to make sure all have stayed consistent)




              I am pretty certain the issue isn't our connections, console, or profiles causing this error to occur. It is more of an issue coming from the Call of Duty server side.



              If all was well with the servers and game we wouldn't be sitting on a DEFCON 4.......




              Please help with a solution.

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                Re: GETTING ERROR CODE 16384

                I Use the 360 and have cleared my system cache and all that and yet I still keep getting this same problem. It's become so frustrating. So if we follow your advice and it still happens.... What are you tech guys doing to resolve this problem,and when can we expect it to be fixed? i wouldappreciate your reply.

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                Re: GETTING ERROR CODE 16384

                Just go to main menu and enter the multiplayer again happens from time to time no big deal

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                  Re: GETTING ERROR CODE 16384

                  I can tell you it is deffinatly server side issue NOT our connection the obvious point being i was in just fine my friend was locked out on fetching profile and just on the off chance i thought ill back out let him try to get in, this surprisingly enough worked and now i am locked out.

                  Currently no router or super hubs resets, i did however find that on occasion a dashboard of game and then retry seemed to be a possible fix, how ever i am now stuck on the theory its to do with the amount of players online or some similer problem.


                  And im still trying to gain access for 15 minutes now, while my friend patiantly waits for me to join him.




                  Dashboard & reload theory out of windows several trys and still no luck.

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                    Re: GETTING ERROR CODE 16384

                    I've been getting the same error code as well, but it has started happening more and more. i've had to go into my settings time and time again to delete my downloaded content off my game storage just to be able to play the game. then when i log back in i have to do a download to play again. i don't want to buy the dlc's that will be coming out because i have to delete everything over and over again. i had to go onto youtube to see how to do it but now i can't get any of my preorder content. why does this error keeping happening?

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                      Re: GETTING ERROR CODE 16384

                      Somehow the 'fix' for this problem isn't very difficult but strange enough it isnt mentioned a lot.

                      No, its not the router, No its not the Cache. Its a problem in the game itself. Somehow it starts a protocol while going online and gets stucked in that protocol. The fetching of the profile conflicts with the going online.

                      To avoid it, just try a local network game, join it, stop it and go back to online and it will start it without any delay.

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                        Re: GETTING ERROR CODE 16384

                        i get the game boot error code in spasms

                        20/30 loads sometimes

                        next day it goes 1st time ?!

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