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    Friend showing as an enemy - bug or cheat?

      While playing COD: Ghosts I noticed a strange thing lately: some enemies showed up as friends before they killed/knifed me. I didn't pay much attention to it as it didn't happen often, and I just thought I was imagining things.


      Today, I noticed something that made me change my opinion. The exactly same thing happened, but reversed:

      a friend showed as enemy: had red (enemy) mark near him, had enemy team model, but shooting him resulted in suicide (hardcore mode, ricochet friendly fire).

      Best part: I was able to make a screenshot of an enemy who is actually a friend, although I couldn't record a video or make a screenshot where shooting them results in "friendly fire" warning.


      The precise bug (and/or cheat):

      One of the players shows up as enemy to my team, but shooting him results in friendly fire warning and damage being redirected back at me. So it is, basically, a friend, who has a wrong model and/or detected wrongly as an enemy.

      Sometimes enemies showed up as friends on my screen promtly before knifing/shooting me. I didn't pay much attention to it and didn't bother to save videos.

      Respawning does not fix this issue.

      This has happened both in Hardcore and Core games.


      On first screenshot you can see I suicided twice while shooting that guy (sadly, I couldn't capture a moment where I shoot the guy and it says friendly fire will not be tolerated).

      http://cloud-3.steampowered.com/ugc/504697820342451388/0793080FC56B638B17CB3B197 5B2FA8D3F3C515D/


      On the second screenshot you see exactly same person show up as Enemy:

      http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/504697820342756326/DD7C3E604FCE8A0678FB9668C 95ED0A0E91CB5ED/

      Sadly, I could not save a screenshot with both teams on it.


      Total amount of occurances I can remember (not recorded):

      Enemy showed as friend on Stonehaven map yesterday night (some time around midnight EET), Core Team Deathmatch.

      Enemy showed as friend on strip club map (don't remember map name, around 13:30 EET), Core Team Deathmatch.

      Friend showed as an enemy (on my team, possibly "enemy showed as friend" to other team) on Freight map, Hardcore Kill Confirmed.


      There were some more recent occurances, but I don't remember maps or modes or dates. Didn't pay attention. As far as I remember, this started happening recently.

      My question is: is this some sort of bug gone terribly wrong, or is this some sort of cheat?

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          Re: Friend showing as an enemy - bug or cheat?

          More interesting info: just joined a game and saw an enemy right in front of me. Knifed him, in the result died from knife damage by nobody (friendly fire). Respawned, someone tried to shoot me and died from ricochet friendly fire.


          Funny thing: teammates killed each other (with 100% ricochet friendly fire its not possible). Screenshot:

          http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/504697924780619961/0B47082FFD587C9D3FFCE82B5 774CDF5A88B7A9B/

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            Re: Friend showing as an enemy - bug or cheat?

            From one side, this seems like a bug with team detection.

            From another point of view, this could be intentional error hard-coded into the lobby using some cheating software, although it would be hard to understand why would anyone show something so obvious.


            Best part? Its hard to tell who makes this happen (most likely, this is made on host's side), and its hard to tell weather you are affected even without taking part in this (its hard to tell what team you're supposed to be on and what team you actually are on).

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                Re: Friend showing as an enemy - bug or cheat?

                This to me sounds like a cheat that happened.  You said initially enemies were showing up as friends, this is a red flag.  Your best bet is to report them in game of cheating.

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                    Re: Friend showing as an enemy - bug or cheat?

                    Thing is: I haven't finished a game with this bug/cheat, it simply crashed at some point each time.

                    Today I noticed a funnier thing: a friend had no tag, no friendly, no enemy. Could be same thing (friend showing as enemy but with unidentifyable perk, so their name doesn't show, or maybe the game considered him behind some sort of invisible wall and didn't show his name for that reason, not sure).

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                        Re: Friend showing as an enemy - bug or cheat?

                        Greetings YuriUA,


                        Thanks for taking the time to explain the issue in detail and providing some screen shots. Are you seeing any adverse affects to your account besides this? I know it may be hard to tell which user it is, but anytime you suspect a user of cheating please report them ingame as it give the security team an opportunity to investigate into the matter. Does uninstalling and reinstalling the game and verifying the game files assist you at all?



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                            Re: Friend showing as an enemy - bug or cheat?

                            Verified the game files, all passed the check.

                            Haven't seen any changes to my account - no extra experience gained above expected, no sudden change in stats, nothing out of the ordinary.


                            Good news: haven't seen this happen today. Last time after writing the post I got into another game with this phenomena, but it seems lots of players were affected (likely: all player were affected, lots of suicides all over, some team kills), and nobody could tell what happened. The game crashed soon after so I couldn't collect more info about it.


                            After disabling physx effects (both of'em), crashes stopped, but I also stopped getting this bug (or haven't noticed it yet).

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                                Re: Friend showing as an enemy - bug or cheat?

                                Hi YuriUA,


                                Thanks for keeping us updated on this matter and providing that information. We appreciate you being on the look out for things like this. I'll make sure to forward your findings and feedback to the appropriate parties. If you have any support related issues in the future feel free to start a thread!




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