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    What I feel needs to be fixed, what I like, and some questions I have about Ghosts

      First off, some things i really think should be changed

      1. Hit detection-This is probably my biggest issue with the game. In most matches I'll be aiming perfectly at the person, fire off have mag, only to get hitmarker after hitmarker until the other person turns around and instant kills me. Last time I counted 10 out of 19 deaths in a match were from this, and I got cheated out of about 7-8 kills. What I see on killcams is completely different from what I'm seeing, its like I'm behind by like 2 seconds from everyone else.

      2. Instant deaths-This goes along with the first point, when I look at killcams I'll poke out my head for a second and some guy will kill me. Lots of times I'll be laying prone, ads on a corner and someone will walk around the corner and hip fire kill me even though I've fired a mag and he's only fired 4-5 shots. This and number one make the game almost unplayable currently because its almost impossible to win a gunfight.

      3. Spawn system-People should be spawned out of the action, but often I'll spawn, take a step, and get shot instantly. Other times I'll be capping a flag and someone will spawn right behind me and kill me. Honestly if they fix this and the two things above and nothing else I'll be happy with the game.

      4. The ways points are rewarded- I loved that in Black Ops 2 capping a domination flag was worth twice as much as a kill. What I really dislike is that now they're worth less than a kill on average because only the first person to cap gets a point. I really think this should be changed to all people get a point who cap or even better-one point each for neutralizing and capping so capping would be worth twice as much as a kill like on BO2. If not at least make this a private match option.....

      5. Scoping with the wii remote-This has been a problem for me in every COD game so far and it hasn't been fixed yet(BO2 came close with the floating scope but it was still a major issue). The problem is if I turn the sensitivity low its too sluggish but if I turn it high my natural hand movements interfere and I can't get any kills! I really think that scoping with the wii mote should be like regular ads just like with DA.

      6. Ugly maps-The maps on BO2 were really nice to look at, but these ghosts maps have terrible looking textures for the most part. Since we won't be getting DLC there's not much that can be done but I really hope the next Treyarch game has nice maps like BO1 and BO2.

      7. Unfair teams-So far I've played like 60 domination matches and about 50 of them have been like 100-200. Most of the time I'm on the losing end but even when I win its no fun because its not even close.I've also played cranked and it seems like one team always has like three players going 20-8 or something like that while the other team gets stomped. I really hope this gets fixed too because its sort of boring without close matches.


      Things I enjoy-I hope these things will be back in future CODs

      1. Weapon balance-The last IW game MW3 had terrible balance with extremely OP guns like FMG9 akimbo and ACR  and Mp7. I feel the guns are balanced relatively well in this game. I know some people think the MSBS is really OP because of its high TTK but sniper rifles have TTK of zero.........

      2. Controller balance-For the most part the wii mote seems to be able to compete with DA(except for sniping of course), unlike BO2 at launch.

      3. Perk balance-The perks seem pretty fair and I've been using different perks for different classes, unlike MW3 where I always used scavenger and assasin, BO1 where I always used warlord, and BO2 where I always went with scavenger.

      4.Equiptment balance- The C4 was extremely powerful in BO2 and could go through flak jacket easily, but so far the equiptment seems fair in Ghosts.

      5. Different map setup-Its nice to have maps with many routes instead of the traditional three lane in previous CODs, even if I did like them more. I hope in future games we'll have mostly traditional mixed in with a few maps with chaotic layouts like in Ghosts.

      6.Squad mode- With all the lag(pts 1 and 2 above) its really nice to be able to play a game where I can actually hit the enemy with the bots and still be able to level up a bit. I'm finding squads pretty enjoyable, especially since the bots seem much more realistic in Ghosts.

      7. Fast loading-This game loads a lot faster than BO2 on my Wii U


      Some questions I have-I really hope the more experienced players out there can help me a bit

      1. How do I deal with the lag? My connection isn't very bad so I don't think changing that would help. I've also tried flanking but my kd is still at a paltry 0.86 compared to BO2 where it was over 1.2 (although it was really low in BO2 also before the lag and wii mote were fixed)

      2. How are squad points earned? After every game on the report it shows a squad points symbol with a number 2 on top but I'm   not earning 2 squad points per game for sure. How can I earn them and how do I know how many I earn in a round?

      3. Is there a combat record like in BO2? It was really nice seeing all my stats with various weapons and scorestreaks.

      4. How do I challenge a friend in squad mode? It seems like all I'm able to do is challenge random people.

      5. Are the dogs actually able to fly like 5 feet or is that just a glitch/lag? its sort of annoying because I'll shoot at them and think I still have second but I'll be dead all of a sudden.

      6. Is there a way to place a difficulty level for individual bots? For example, make 2 hardened, 2 regular, and 2 recruit.


      Anyway here are some of my thoughts and I'd appreciate any suggestions you guys have!

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