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    Operations STILL not working


      I am still having problems with my operations being locked(or no way to access my operations menu) it started on xbox 360 and when I moved account onto xbox one the problem still remained…. This has been going on since the game released…. I am starting to think it will be solved when the next installment of call of duty comes out in november…. I AM MISSING OUT ON LOTS OF ADDED POINTS AND UNLOCKS. ITS UNFAIR...

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          Re: Operations STILL not working

          same thing i was hoping that when i went to the next gen it would resolve the issue. it seems that its linked to your profile which is weird. i made a thread a few days ago and was locked which is bs cause if they lock all the threads then you need to start a new one every time instead of adding to one

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            Re: Operations STILL not working

            Hey XGCFATALTRAMA,


            Thanks for voicing your concern here. We are aware of some players experiencing a functionality issue with Operations at the moment. We are currently working on it and we will update the community on when this issue has been resolved.




            ATVI Support

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