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    Feedback and thoughts since playing Clan wars

      The Clan App :

      Geez where to start.. Whoever said hey guys you know that elite thing everyone used on their pc's lets remove the pc aspect.  NEVER listen to them ever again seriously We have clan members we've game with for years who are unable to use the app as they don't have a compatible device or were able to then lost the ability in one of the updates. While this isn't a problem to invite them it means its harder to organise clan wars plans if they cant access the app.


      Knowing i have to use the app on my phone (and constantly watch my battery drain) is like sitting in a dentists knowing they just ran out of novacaine and you're there for a root canal.


      Clan Wars :

      Credit where credits due, the concept is fantastic. However  the implementation is typical Beachhead. Clan wars suffers the exact same issue that the clan operations did on elite. That being you are forcing people to play in a manner that isn't natural to us. It reminds me of the clan operations for Dom where the only way to win was not to defend and allow the other team to recap.


      Now I know depending on the the size of our clans we have been placed in clan wars against clans of similar sizes but this has created a problem. Namely clans are recruiting more players after the clan battle started meaning they have an advantage . this was one of the few things clan operations on Elite got right locking out new members after a clan has entered a clan operation. I realize the coding is entirely different for the app but its something that really needs to be addressed. As I can tell you know we are going to see large clans "lose" members to enter a smaller clan bracket then "find" their members , and small clans adding random people just to boost their numbers .


      I would like to see once a clan battle starts new members are "recruited" but their membership to a clan isn't full until the clan war currently running ends or the majority of the clan war time frame is over. Either that or penalise a clan by making each new recruit COST cp .


      Going on from this point I don't think allowing everyone who plays in a match to count towards the scoring , imo it should be capped to 3 people (I chose this number as its the min number needed for a clan to enter clan wars.  What we have experienced in our clan war where our nodes (bar two) have values set at 12 and 15 is a clan of 6 people running together can steam roll nodes in like 4 or 5 games.

      i'm not throwing the wah it's not fair card in here but it takes all the fun out of competing when you wake up the next morning and see a clan has suddenly jumped 100 points clear.

      This is another reason why I think a limit of the points a win grants should be capped. also the amount of wins you earn stops after a few over the required amount, I would prefer it if the number was over the required amount was raised to add an element of defending the node better - again this goes back to my point about the way to win is to constantly allow other clans to take nodes you own, which leads onto ...


      Cp's - Currently due to the way scoring works there is no incentive to hold or defend a node , yes we get an xp bonus but then it isn't a clan war is it? There should be an incentive added for holding a node ( at over the required wins) for x amount of time. I would much rather and I'm sure others would agree that hold/defend a node and then think about attacking others in a  more strategic manner. As opposed to the concept we have now of take and leave it to get taken .


      Cross platform - . I'm just gonna make one comment on this ..pc with the utmost of respect to the honest pc players (who i know have this issue) its abit hard to run a honest clan battle when one platform is over run with hacks and exploits. Nothing against the master race here as I see the number of complaints you guys have about stuff and chesty fisty bump of support.



      One thing that really bugs me (when the app works ) is it would be really nice if we could click the clans in the main scoreboard and go to their page. It's not a biggy it just makes using the app just that bit more user friendly.


      I'm sure we are going to see a lot of changes after this trial run and hopefully once the maps open up fully and there's more nodes and longer wars things might be slightly better..but if they continue without addressing issues a longer time period will result in more disparities between clans growing,


      but just to re-iterate I do think Clan wars is going to be a lot of fun and has a lot of potential as long as it isn't screwed up like elite was where feedback was just ignored.

















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          Re: Feedback and thoughts since playing Clan wars

          Agree with all this. Especially the part about clans recruiting after the start of a war.

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            Re: Feedback and thoughts since playing Clan wars

            I'm also going to add there needs to be a section on the app to list what region your clan is in, and then region locks clan wars.. obviously this would only work if there was enough clans in a region and im sure when someone makes it possible for everyone to use the app there will be more

            having clans from around the world in one clan war again this goes back to the issues i have with scoring is causing issues .

            Example our clan (euor based) last night spent ages taking back a whole heap of nodes to catch up with the top team , we get on this morning and bam everything we took was taken back by the top clan (who are in the us) and played after us.


            Now before some smart ass says well that works in your favour now as you can take them back during the day ... yes assuming none of us worked during the day and it also gives us an advantage when the op finishes as we can take nodes when the other clan is sleeping.

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              Re: Feedback and thoughts since playing Clan wars

              agree totally. once the clan war starts, all new members should be on hold until new clan war starts and put in the appropriate racket.


              i don't like the scoring system either. sometimes we take the objective and get 10 or 12 pts, and other times we get 4 pts. so basically we win however many games and then get crap for points while other clans are blowing us out of the water. wish they were more clear on how to accumulate points. my understanding is 1pt per score not take 12 wins and capture and win 4 pts.

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