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    Make Clan vs Clan a Better Version of League-Play and Not a Worse Version: A List of Suggestions

           Right now the "league-play replacing" clan vs clan is just inferior on a multitude of levels to Black Ops 2's League-play experience. Many were thinking that clan wars would be the ladder like system present in Leagueplay but it's just the re-hashed MW3 Clan Events that are more based on size and activity of a clan than skill. However I don't really care to petition the end of clan wars, I just want the skill-based option to be available. Infinityward has a record of not supporting competitive Call of Duty in the same way Treyarch does, however that doesn't mean it can't change. Just make Clan vs Clan more like League-play. Heck, I am not even asking you to get your creative directors and engineers to brainstorm how to because its simple. The following are a list of improvement that need to be made to clan vs clan to not only populate the playlist but to make it more exciting and meaningful.

      1. Make Clan vs Clan a separate section of the game - away from MP

           Just as extinction and Squads are sectioned differently from MP and Campaign, so should Clan vs Clan. Not only will it stand out more but it will likely be easier to code for when dictating specifics that would be separate from regular MP rules and guidelines (however I'm not a game designer nor engineer). As it stands now Clan vs Clan is just a playlist in MP and follow the exact same rules as regular MP in regards to stat recording, weapon banning, etc. In BO2, it was clear that once you entered League-play you entered a new section into the game and that although it looked similar to regular MP, it played extremely diferent.

      2. Make Clan vs Clan stats separate from public match stats

           It's ridiculous that a win in pubs is the same as a win against a coordinated team (the same can be said about losing). Also, it is important to the player to be able to track each stat separately. Want to know you've w/l in clan vs clan? Well you can't instead it is valued the same as regular public MP and this is a huge disincentive to participate in the playlist. Extinction mode kills aren't equal to MP kills and similarly neither is clan vs clan kills.


      3. Add Leagues/Ladders to Clan vs Clan

            The funniest part about league-play was the whole league aspect. You'd want to be in the highest ladder and then be the highest person on that ladder. It made the game more competitive because wins were all that mattered (just like GB or MLG). Just as BO2's league-play display's one rank next to a player's name (similar to one's level or prestige in MP) have that happen to Clan vs Clan. The Clan vs Clan leader boards that were promised don't even exist and even then I wasn't excited about the idea. Clan vs Clan should have you're ranking more easily accessed and visible because that's what the whole game should be about.


      4. Have Clan vs Clan League/Ladder Seasons

           Just as BO2 had league-play seasons where it would wipe everyone's rank, so should clan vs clan. It makes the game more competitive, more endless, and more friendly to new comers. have it be every 2-3 months or so with a 1-3 day period of pre-season play where nothing is recorded.


      5. Do not allow the ability for clans to back out of lobbies

           Make sure that clans don't farm for weaker clans to exploit the system and gain higher ranks. Of course one can always dashboard but it should be made harder to do so less people do it.


      6. Judge ranking on wins and how skillful the other clan was

           Set an equation or number patter to accurately value the ladder point won/lost according to skill (via ladder). So a bronze ladder clan will gain alot of ranking points when versing a platinum clan team and a platinum clan team won't gain much ranking points if they beat a bronze ladder clan. This is set in place to encourage players to fight against similar skill levels and discourage lobby shopping.

      7. Ban guns, equipment, killstreaks, maps, etc. according to MLG/GB rules

           The senior community manager Tina Palacios said "it's going to have MLG rules and it's going to be 4-on-4 multiplayer, I think fans are going to be really excited for that." However this promise has not came true. The offical rules as it stands now is present here Call of Duty: Ghosts Rules - Ghosts 4v4 Kick Off Tournament Tournament - CoD: Ghosts for PlayStation 3 (PS3) - GameBatt… These are set into place in order to make the atmosphere more competitive and disable the "cheap" or "overpowered" things that are present in regular MP but just don't work in a 4v4 competitive setting.

      8. Replace S&R, Domination, and Blitz with S&D, CTF, and Hardpoint

           S&D, CTF, and Hardpoint lead itself to competitive play while the existing gamemodes don't. Without diving into too many specifics all 3 just aren't as exiting to viewers and can be considered "camp game modes" or "cheap game modes". S&D currently exists on Ghosts and should not be a problem and CTF has already been coded for in previous IW games so CTF shouldn't be much of a hard time to import into the game. Hardpoint however was a black-ops 2 premiering game mode and this might have to take a while to code for but simple modifications to currently existing game modes like MW3's Drop Zone could make the job much easier. I understand that hardpoint's inception is not likely to happen but I hope it will (IW has a good rep on adding new game modes).

      If there are any other suggestions please put them in the comments and please use the click to tweet link to spread the word