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    Spawning on Domination is laughable

      Because of clan wars I've been playing Domination for the last couple of days and I can't believe how bad the spawning is. It's so bad it actually changes the way domination is played compared to BO2 because it seems half the people playing just want to camp flags so they can kill people spawning in front of them. It makes the game pretty weird and means if you're one of the people actually playing properly you're KD will be terrible whether you win or not. I can't wait until they fix this.


      As an aside, this spawn fail video is hilarious:



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          Re: Spawning on Domination is laughable

          I couldn't agree more. Domination was the main game I played in BO2 and still the main one I like to play in Ghosts but the spawns are definitely ridiculous at times. Almost every single game, my team could be holding A and B, and I will end up spawning basically capturing C completely across the map from the rest of my team.

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            Re: Spawning on Domination is laughable

            Easily the worst problem with this game is the respawns. I think it is a great solid game and would be fun to play if I wasn't dieing multiple times in a row in rapid succession. No respawn system will ever be perfect but when I feel like more then half my deaths are from being spawn killed, it is incredibly frustrating to me as a gamer. The spawns have been a consistent complaint throughout the series and to have not only not be improved but get far worse is surprising. There is nothing difficult about spawning players with their team, not directly next to an enemy player, and not in a direct line of sight of being shot by an enemy player. To be perfectly blunt, the broken system is obvious, should have been caught before launch, should not have been launched, and is NOT hard to fix. The respawns are so discouraging that I am not enthusiastic at all when playing and I can not play the latest game of my favorite series for very long. When I am not being respawn killed the game is great, but its this one crucial thing that is to be perfectly honest, discouraging me and is so horrific that it ruins the game for me. It is literaly ruining the game for me and I do not experience the same fun I have had on previous Call of Duty titles. At this point for me I will keep playing it's definitely not very enjoyable but I will not be buying any updates or map packs until they fix the spawn systems. I would like to warn the producers of this game that I hope they realize that any alternative with similar game play speed (fast in your face fighting), will be a threat to their success, because if an alternative to COD (not talking battlefield the game is great but too slow paced for my taste), does come out I can safely say that I will (and several of my friends have said the same) be done with call of duty. If another shooter invades COD's niche in the FPS gaming genre I, and several of my friends, will be done with COD.

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