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        How many mods were u running

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          It's the biggest mistake you can make in domination. KDR is only relevant to TDM.

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            your just jealous lol you cant even probably crack half of that even in your dreams

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              In fact a true dom player rarely have positive kdr

              That's why leaderboard does not show kdr

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                you must be really bad if you think you are helping the team by going 12-55 6 caps and a loss, your the kind of teammate i would never like on my team

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                  I would counter that by asking my team mates why I had to get 6 caps? What were they doing?

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                    i was asking him why does he think dom players never have a positive KD he thinks just cause you are capping flags means you cant have a positive KD that makes no sense?


                    so just cause im capping flags my kd has to be negative?

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                      Okay. A lot of good dom players don't have great kdr, but I wouldn't say it goes hand in hand. The ideal dom match involves few caps, plenty of kills defending, giving you a win. If you can do that time after time then you'd end up low cap number, high kdr and high wlr. Difficulty is doing it time after time.

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                        i see what you are saying, but most players i have ran into that have good kd do good on dom and win why cause the players with lower kd and who you say are good dom players are the ones that just keep running on the flag without looking around and keep dying giving the enemy streaks further allowing them to defend their flags with streaks

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                          Although that can be true, whatever scenario you or I come up with can be countered argued. I was trying to get this point across in my longer post above. A lot of different variables all add up to the end result. This is why I only judge players on what I see in the match and not on stats. I wish more would do the same, and also be open to the fact there can be many reasons for player doing badly in one match that don't immediately mean they are a bad payer.

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