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    Growing out of CoD, or does it just suck?



      I've been playing CoD since Cod 4, I just used too love getting in from work and putting in a couple of hours each day playing it, and when I say a couple of hours, I mean about 6 or so.


      Anyways, on MW2 I had a total game play time of 53 days, cant remember about CoD 4.


      Blops 1, I must have played that for about 8 days or so game time, I traded that in with in 2 weeks of it coming out and went back to MW2, like allot of people.


      MW3, I thought was good, clocked up allot more than 8 days game time in that one, but no where area as much as 53 days.


      Blops 2, again I thought was good, I loved HC KC, and again played this allot more than 8 days game time, but not even as much as MW3.


      Ghosts, well, I think I've played about 20 hrs off MP this game, and for the first time, I actually went and played the campaign mode within the first week, and I got this game on the first day it came out.


      Now, I don't know whats up with Ghosts, IMO, there is something different compared to the other CoD's, and I cant put a finger on it, so I don't know if the game just sucks or if I'm growing out of it.


      What you think?.


      I still like playing other games.

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          1. Re: Growing out of CoD, or does it just suck?

          I couldnt work out what it was either-then I realised its lost its soul.Theres no magic anymore.

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            2. Re: Growing out of CoD, or does it just suck?

            Probably a combination of you and the game. It does seem the stars need to align just perfect for this game to shine.


            For me, Ghosts has brought back a CoD4 and WaW feeling. But it is 5 years since then and I can't play CoD like I used to. I don't blame Ghosts for not making me ridiculously addicted. I've found a nice pace that works for me now.

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              3. Re: Growing out of CoD, or does it just suck?

              Try going back to the older games to see if it's just Ghosts. It's not for everyone, I'm struggling to squeeze much fun out of it. Even doing well just feels unexciting. See if you get that COD buzz from those old games and maybe just skip a year and find a new game that does it for you.

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                4. Re: Growing out of CoD, or does it just suck?

                For me, i played my first COD when WAW was about halfway through its cycle. I fell in love with the game because of nazi zombies. Eventually i got xbox live and loved playing hardcore headquarters with my friends.


                At some point after waw and before mw2 i played a little bit of COD 4 and loved that game as well.


                As mw2 came out i was really loving "try harding". The simplicity of a realistic war game, while at the same time being fast paced is what i loved about the game. But, for the next 3-4 YEARS i began the journey of being a sniper and trickshotter. These were the best days. I think i had just about 100 days clocked on mw2 before i finally gave it away. I spent countless days trickshotting or going for killfeeds. It was the best cod ever made. As the following COD's came out, snipers started to fade. For whatever reason the creators of COD were so against the sniping community.


                For black ops 1 i had about 10 days played, this game was great for both sniping and try harding.


                Mw3 i put it about 6 days and again, enjoyed both tryharding and sniping.


                Block ops 2, same deal here and had about 10 days played.


                Nothing will ever match the greatness of MW2 and with each new game i felt less magic with COD. Call of Duty Ghosts finally put me over the top. With the killfeeds being put in a new spot and the names showing up based on the player killed, it was almost like they were trying to screw the sniping community.


                And with each new game the snipers get less powerful and have a slower cocking time making it next to impossible to have fun sniping.


                I think what ultimately ruined the game for me was the movement away from snipers, the maps, and becoming more complex.


                When you think of mw2 maps, you have insanely condensed maps like Highrise, Terminal, and Underpass that also have a nice vertical terrain. I can't really put my finger on what exactly it is, but the maps of the new games seem to have no "higher ground" if you will. There really is no huge ledge or spot or suicide spot that trickshotters can trickshot from. Again, i think COD really is trying to get rid of snipers and i don't know why. COD has been sticking to the larger maps with only one level as of late.


                The complexity of the game. Ya know back in MW2 you had your tac insert, claymore, frag, and stun. You had your two weapons and that was it. Now a days i feel like there are so many more things you can carry around and with the newest COD advanced warfare, it looks as though you can do some weird jumping from side to side and up and down. It seems like each game gets more complex and to me it ruins the COD series.


                I don't know, i think Call of Duty is losing its trademark. It's not as fun as it once used to be. Personally, i don't think I'm growing out of COD. If today you gave me MW2 on an xbox 360 i would play it in a heartbeat. I can't say the same thing for a game like ghosts. I only owned the game for 3 months and only played it 3 times. The magic just isn't with cod anymore, but the newest COD does look intriguing and I'm looking forward to playing it.


                All in all, i think COD has just gone over the top and doesn't fit my liking anymore.


                Note- i did forget to mention that tryharding or doing well doesn't seem to get me excited anymore either. With the previous games, you had the signature killstreak like a nuke or moab. You would have an awesome killstreak like a chopper gunner or ac 130. Now i feel like there are so many counters to the big killstreaks and i don't know. Again i just feel like the game is too complex now. I miss the simplicity of the old COD games. Being able to run around the small maps and spawn trap, while trying to go for killcams at the last kill. That's what made COD magical. I don't know, it just lost its touch.

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                  5. Re: Growing out of CoD, or does it just suck?

                  It is what you make it.

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                    6. Re: Growing out of CoD, or does it just suck?

                    Its Ghosts, not you.  I've had the same problem.  This is the least I have ever played a COD game.  They just went away from the COD formula too much and the game is boring.  Maps are too big, radar is too uncommon, the pace is slow, and way too many games finish on time limit alone, not the kills limit, which shows you how slow paced the game is.  Just go back to BO2 or MW3 for a month and you will see how much more you enjoy those more traditional COD games.

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                      7. Re: Growing out of CoD, or does it just suck?

                      lol no its not.  I can't speed up the game, make the maps smaller, or make radar show up more often.  The game is slow and boring.

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                        8. Re: Growing out of CoD, or does it just suck?

                        It plays how you make it play.


                        Fact is, if it isn't fun, time to move on to something new.

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                          9. Re: Growing out of CoD, or does it just suck?

                          It does not "play how I make it play".  This game is different from other CODs.  The maps are bigger and radar rarely shows up so the pace of the game is too slow and games end before they even reach their time limit.  No matter how I play, I cannot make the maps smaller or change the radar system.


                          I have moved on, back to Black Ops 2, not on to something new.  Maps are smaller, radar actually shows where people are, and games have a much quicker pace to them.

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