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    The Knife in this game...needs a nerf.


      Other than the campers- which are easily dealt with, but are annoying to be sure- this game, Call of Duty Ghosts, has been fun for the most part. However, the Knife? Is incredibly frustrating. I mean, at first, I thought the new knife animation was a nice change in CoD, but now its just ridiculous. I can be behind a guy, and he'll instantly lock on me and knife me, or i'll get stabbed when i'm not even on the enemy's screen... Worse yet, I could be putting bullets into the guy, and he'll just commando lunge and kill you. Its hair pullingly frustrating how the knife can be in this game. Anyone feel the same way?

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          I'd like to be able to poo tash people that moan about the knife, in one smooth animation.

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              If what happened to me happened to you as often as it has, im CERTAIN you'd be complaining too. I don't need your sarcasm. This knife is ridiculous, and I have many that agree with me. -____________-  I don't care if you hate people that complain about the knife. Its a problem, and morons like you fail to realize it.

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                  MW2: KNIFE HAS TOO MUCH RANGE
                  *So they nerf the range*


                  *IW takes note and doesn't put in the BK like 3ARC had*

                  MW3: KNIFE IS STILL TOO MUCH RANGE (the lunge is non existent pretty much at this point)

                  *3ARC takes note, and pretty much REMOVES the lunge, it's so minimal that you pretty much can't notice it AND they nerf the speed the shooting mode shoots at*


                  *IW adds in a 1 second delay where you can do NOTHING, and give back a tiny bit of the lunge, not enough to matter*

                  Ghosts: NERF IT MORE.



                  Seriously, just say what you really think, which is you want the knife REMOVED. Knife classes require PURE dedication in this game, you have to remove EVERYTHING but your perks in order for them to be efficient, otherwise your target will constantly turn back at you.  The knife is NOWHERE NEAR commando levels, go break out MW2 and see just how ridiculous the knifing IS on that game. Actually, you know what? Try to make a knifing class in ghosts, and get a good K/D. I'm not talking about a 1.0, actually get a MINIMUM of 1.5 on EVERY map, and then tell me the knife is really OPed.


                  Also, your problem of him "locking onto you' when you're behind him, ISN'T the knife, it's your connection, you're lagging, and as for the 'shooting at him' and he doesn't die? Um....unless you start shooting him when hes point blank, you'll kill him.

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                The need to fix:


                Being able to knife people who aren't on your screen due to the (needed) lunge mechanic

                Knifing while being shot

                The distance at which you lunge (slightly)

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                  For reals. This game has the worst panic knifing noobs ever. You can even run and gun because if you turn a corner and start shooting you get lunge knifed from 100 yards away.

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                    I've been knifed more in this game than MW3 and BO2 combined..lol