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    Ps3 (4PCP) looking for clan members

      we are a bunch of laid back friends who started this clan and we are looking for more members to join. no needing to try out at all just being active, is the big thing and participating in the clan wars.

      we are in the gold division right now


      Clan Name: Pinecrest Posse

      Commander: Matty5589

      Lt. Commander: Nacho_The_Great

      Lvl 9

      Members 12


      we would like if you have a k/d above 1.00 but we can always make acceptions if you cant meet the k/d.

      would like if u had a mic but it is not required at all.


      if you are on xbox we would hope you could be part of our clan on that if you want to be the Lt. Commander for the xbox side of the clan.


      Hope to hear from you all soon