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    ANYONE getting a black screen on the select weapon camo list on PS4??

      i Just started to recently notice this after the last patch...i have no problems at all while playing in game or on any other menus at all...when i go to the camo screen and begin to scroll the screen turns black for about 10 seconds,but i can still hear music in the background and then its fine...this is the only time this happens...i have hours of play and its perfect execpt this..it just makes me worry its my ps4...playstation said it sounds like some sort of in game menu bug...i saw someone post from xbox1 forums the EXACT same thing so its not only ps4...remember the sound glitch it black ops when it started making that weired sound while playing? well i know this game has bugs as well..talked to guys today playing online and one said it happens as well...when we were  all having the problem with the multple installs when game fisrt came out i deleted all game data and redownloaded and its been perfect since...execpt this minor problem that is just simply annoying..it is only on selecting camo....anyone else??