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    @Treyarch - Fix the broken tank please!


      So, not sure if this is happening frequently to other players, but in the last 4 games of Origins I have played through yesterday and today, the tank has killed me and other team mates a total of 14 times!


      Basically, it has happened whenever we try to collect the Lightning Staff parts. No zombies were anywhere near us or the tank when it happens. The tank goes over a bump and boom... dead!


      This is a video my team mate recorded of his downs.



      It is not a host issue as in each of our 4 games, we had different hosts and in all 4 occasions, different team mates.


      Is this happening to ANYONE else!?! I have not played Origins in over a month and started again yesterday only to be met with this issue.


      Damn glitchers man... they ruin everything. :(

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          Can't get the video to work, but if you're talking about when you fall through the tank for no reason when riding it and go down then yes, it's happened a few times recently. 14 times in 2 days though is ridiculous! I don't see why they can't reset it back to the way it was before the patch, there are still plenty of glitches on this map for cheaters to use anyway.


          Also, had it again recently where the whole game freezes. You can navigate the map but all enemies are frozen and your gun glitches in and out. Probably had that one about 10 times now. These things make the map almost unplayable.

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              Yeah, so far I know of seven people who have died at least once on the tank by falling though it, and you make eight.


              It is beyond pathetic if you ask me. They should have just left the tank as it was. It is not like the stinky glitchers do not have a ton of other places to hold up as you say.


              I too have had the map lockup. Only happened once though, but yeah... all enemies running on the spot and no way of unfreezing it.


              Map (and game itself) is a complete joke. Thanks Treyarch... you really know how to f*ck over your loyal fans.


              Edit: Fixed the video so you should be able to watch it now.

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              Strange I was playing this today and not a thing happened to my teammates who were using the tank.

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                It seems to be a big issue on XB and i spoke to a few players who had this, i only had this issue on solo games and never heard anyone complain about this on PSN.

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                    Yeah, not heard anyone on PS3 complain about it yet, but I have heard (and seen) it happen on PC, so it is at least affecting more than just XBOX users.


                    14 times to 4 people over 4 games is just ridiculous though. Also had 2 staffs glitch out on us and the Red Baron step glitched on us twice.


                    For a game that sold by the billions, the company behind it are amateurs at best.

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                        Im on ps3 and this same thing has happened to me at least 5 times and the last time it downed me and a teammate at the same time ending our game. It doesn't happen as often as what your experiencing,it shouldn't be happening at all period! They need to fix this issue although I don't see that ever happening

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                          Hi DBZ! i am on ps3 and this happened to me and my friends too. it happened to me after i joined a friend and when i was the host also. it happened always on exactly the same spot where yoda dies in the first part of your vid.

                          when i think about it, when i ride the tank from generator 2 and i have the Zombie Shield i always hear a sound like my shield got hit once. i hear this when i watch the last zombie running behind the tank. i hear this shortly before the tank moves over the trench. sorry i cant upload anything. dont flame me, possibly its of no importance, i know its not near of any location where yoda or anyone in my games died.

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                        Sup dude.

                        I know exactly what yr talking about, it's over the last ledge going into the church, been killled so many times for no reason on that haha. looks like you just straight up fall through the tank or something. anyway, what i do is stand on the railing on the front or sides of the tank, and have yet to die from doing it this way. Hope this helps.

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                          As far as the individual you've demonstrated this occurring to in the video, I firmly believe it is the COD Gods simply applying karma.


                          As for everyone else it happens to, man, that's just a bullsh*t glitch that needs to be fixed but probably never will be!

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                            Glitchers, and bad bad bad QA, that's definitely what ruins games...

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                              Yeah I agree there are a lot of issues with BO2 Zombies. I still really enjoy playing all the maps to me it is about the challenge. Don't get me wrong the problems are frustrating but I try and find ways around them and adapt my playing style to suit the situation. I'm not always successful but I keep persisting.


                              I really agree with the bad QA and think that a mistake was made around the story line.  Not sure if this is true but from what I have seen and heard the story line, and hence plan, for BO2 was changed as a lot of people wanted the old crew back.  So if this is correct they would have been full steam ahead developing their original plan and story line with all of the crew from Tranzit.  So where does this leave them? They have Buried ready to go and have to make some decisions about the last DLC Zombies map.


                              Someone high up has the idea for Origins so the old crew can come back and the story line,that aligns with Tranzit, is thrown out the window and a new one made up and rushed. The plan they had for the last map adjusted to fit the new story line. Things are rushed and as we all know when you're put under pressure and you rush things mistakes happen. The release date for the new DLC approaches but your only 99% (or put whatever % you want in here) ready and you have to make a decision, delay or release.


                              Not sure what I would do. I would like to think I would have the balls to say no it's not ready. But consider you have Ghosts about to launch, Xbox One and PS4 coming out and all the attention on games that can be played on the new platforms and you perceive that your boss/publisher will say get it out or else you lose your highly paid job and what do you do???


                              The map is released and there are problems. In your budget you have 100 development hours to fix reported problems. The 100 hours gets used up and there are still problems. Depending on the decision makers philosophy you either cut you loses and run or hopefully in our case they subscribe to Stephen Covey's philosophy and look for a win win solution. What that is I don't know but I have some ideas but that can wait for another post.


                              Anyway long enough post from me it's not an excuse but possibly an understanding. It is probably isn't what happened, but like Zombies a good story leaves room for speculation.

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                                ive had this happen. lag is the issue behind it. when on say a 2 bar i dont know why it classes it as maybe trying to glitch instant death barrier. i mean there may be more to it but ive been killed maybe once i tend to let others ride the tank im bloody scared to use it. i shouldnt have to be but ya know. i doubt they will do anything the games done its over with which sucks :@

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                                    ive had this happen. lag is the issue behind it.


                                    I would have put it down to lag too if it was not for my game last night with 3 randoms from the UK. We were all on 4 bars the entire game and I died 3 times in that game on the tank. One of the times was when I first jumped on the tank from the station and it turned the first corner.


                                    Also, in the games I played with Yoda, 2 of the games I was host and still went down on the tank, so that rules me out for the 2 bar scenario.


                                    Still, we know that lag does cause these type of things to happen, so I am sure some of the downs in games I was not host probably did happen through lag, but that then harks back to the QA dept at Treyarch. They should be testing these things for lag effect and obviously are not doing their jobs properly.


                                    Out of the main maps we have got with BO2, the Bus can kill us, the slide can kill us, the Gondola can kill us and the tank can kill us, yet all of them are things we are encouraged to use!?

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                                        Hey, at least there isn't a moving part like this in buried I might be wrong about that... maybe the ghosts have a glitch?

                                        All in all, yes, it has been a waste of money for some, but I've had a ball on treyarc's WORST title. I mean SOME of the people over there care about us at least(though it might just be because we suplly the profit..) The solo team I have to say had the 2 best maps on the WORST game here.

                                        Now the challenge coins from the hardend edition are worthless... $130 wasted ( Not including the multi. skins)

                                        I didn't count Origins and the MoTD DLC as wasted because I still play those to this very day and have fun.

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                                          the main problem is its all death barriers! and also the objects are not solid and stable which is probably why maybe for a brief second it breaches and we dont see and bam dead bloody ridiculous if you ask me. they only added death barriers to stop people getting out of the maps something in the code some where is wrong thinking we are breaching out of the map i guess

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                                        Yeah that sh.it was happening to my friend multiple times.