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    Kinect Voice Commands?

      Can somebody tell me the voice commands for cod ghosts (in-game)?

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          Re: Kinect Voice Commands?

          There is a way to mute all players, but cant find how.

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            Re: Kinect Voice Commands?

            Well if they won't publish a list maybe we should start our own thread on here and update it when new commands (and detailed info on what command actually does).


            For me a Google search of "Call of Duty Ghosts Kinect Commands" brings up this topic at the very top, so this forum is obviously indexed well, we should make use of that and start a topic to list what we find.

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              Re: Kinect Voice Commands?

              I GOT IT. When your in a menu or in campaign say "What can i say?", then a screen shows up showing voice commands you can use at the time.




              In Campaign

              At any time you can pause with "Xbox Pause" or "Ghost Pause"

              At any time you can unpause with "Xbox Play" or "Ghost Play"


              Missions "No Man's Land" and "Struck Down"

              "Riley Attack" sends Riley to attack who your aiming at(same as pressing LB)

              "Riley Stop" Cancels your attack order

              "Riley Bark" Order Riley to Bark (You must be synced/controlling Riley)


              Mission "No Man's Land"

              List of Location orders for Riley

              "Riley Door"

              "Riley Balcony"

              "Riley Building"

              "Riley Garage"

              "Riley Window"

              "Riley Bridge"

              "Riley Car"

              "Riley Trailer"


              Mission "Struck Down"

              List of Location orders for Riley

              "Riley Door"

              "Riley Counter"

              "Riley Statue"

              "Riley Window"

              "Riley Stairs"

              "Riley Walkway"


              In a Multiplayer Lobby (Including Squads and Extinction")

              "Mute All" Mutes everyone in the lobby

              "Unmute All" Unmutes everyone in the lobby


              Menu Screens/Lobby

              "Ghost Shortcuts" Brings up a shortcut menu


              Shortcut Menu

              "Ghost Shortcut..." followed by the shortcut number  to navigate

              "Ghost Cancel" or "Ghost Back" Exits shortcut menu (Also used to exit "What can I say" menu)


              I'm pretty sure that's all of them, but there might be more, but nowhere is there a list of these commands.

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