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    Is the zombie rule harsh or we suck?

           Every time I play in public match (origins), me and my teammates always dies 12 rounds at most. Some of the game, I even failed to get juggernog. I usually get downed by zombie's double attack which really pisses me off. Is that because online players suck or zombie rules are harsh. If you think online players suck, then please give me some tips on surviving zombies without any trouble.

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          There is no real advice anyone can give you to stay alive other than to be constantly alert to the threat. Even the truly great players make mistakes and zombies can be a harsh mistress. Getting Jugg should ALWAYS be priority though. Never, EVER hit the box until you have Jugg. That is the mistake many people tend to make. Infact... do not hit the box before round 10-15 anyway. Wall weapons are more than capable of carrying you through the earlier rounds.


          I would advice playing with friends as opposed to playing in public lobbies, but that is not always possible. Still, you can always look for people to play with on here.


          If you are on XBOX, shoot me a friend request and I will be more than happy to get a game or two in with you.


          GT : DeathBringerZen


          (If my friends list is full, shoot me a message and I will make room for you. )

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              Even in the buried?

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                And what should I do when the boss zombie in the origins come and fetch my soul?

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                    Firstly run! Distance your self before you shoot or reload.


                    Shoot him in the face, or if he is pulling you in shoot the red dot.


                    Always leave some rounds in your clip in case he catches you.



                    Always always always get Jugg first, being good at zombies isn't about getting the most kills its about surviving.

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                      tshu wrote:


                      And what should I do when the boss zombie in the origins come and fetch my soul?


                      The first panzer round is 8.  There is NO reason in the world you shouldn't have at least one of the staves built by then to take it out (you only get 1 panzer in the first 2 panzer rounds).  If that isn't happening then the teamwork & communication is sucking (which happens a lot with randoms).  The 2nd Panzer round isn't happening until 11.... most definitely should have at least 3 of the 4 staves built by then.


                      If playing with randoms, I suggest only playing with people with mics so you can communicate..... and for heaven's sake, do NOT play with children.  They can't seem to help themselves from killing the last zombie while you are trying to do setup.

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                        The best way to deal with the Panzers it to use an MP40 on early rounds and the packed Mauser in later rounds. If you keep running away from them when they spawn, try and turn and shoot at them when around a corner, that way they will not fire the grappling hook at you. If you aim for the face always, you can drop them relatively easily with either of the aforementioned weapons.


                        Always keep moving from them. Never stop and turn too long either. Get a few rounds in quickly then turn and run. If you get caught in the hook, I personally find reloading and firing into the face get's you free, though others swear by knifing the hook.

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                        I agree with DBZ's points around getting Jug early and hitting the box. The wall weapon I use when playing in a public lobby is the mp40. 


                        Not sure if you know but you can shoot the them with a bullet by just tapping the shot trigger. If you do this on round two for example you can shoot with one bullet then stab and you get 140 points. If you are in a situation where the other players are stealing your kills go for head shots as opposed to body shots. Head shots will give 100 points opposed to 50 or 60 points for a body shot.


                        The more points you and your teammates can get the more options you have. As DBZ said hit me up for a game and I'm glad to help you as well.  GT is blablatj on the xbox.

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                        Zombies is a *****, especially to newcomers. It's not like MP where sometimes you might do well then bad because of the players. Zombies is constantly more difficult. Each round, more and more zombies come and they gain more health as well, so it's a lose lose situation.  Like DBZ said, jugg is a priority. A lot of times the reason why people can't stay alive isn't necessarily due to lack of skill but from ignorance. Wasting points on the box and leaving your survival to luck is just not logical right? If points are an issue to why you can't get jugg, equipment, open doors etc..) then you need to learn to point whore. Basically knife until its not safe anymore. First round shoot the zombies 4-5 times then knife, second round full clip then knife, third 3-4 shots to the head then knife. Then buy a wall weapon (mp40 is the best choice) and repeat the process, or always aim for the head. 

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                          Try playing solo a couple of times. Get a routine going and a feel of the map.

                          "How many points do I have?"

                          "What perks do I have?"

                          "What guns do I have?"

                          "What generators are on?"

                          "What staffs do I have?"

                          All of these questions will help you on your quest.

                          TIP: On round 8 with the Panzer Soldat, have a MP40 with full ammo and shoot it it the head for a full clip(from a relativly good distance) then run away to another safe spot and distance and shoot again.

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                            A few awesome tips above.

                            Origins is a co-op map, so without cooperation you have a small chance to survive.

                            If you just starting to play this map here is a few of my tips for beginners...

                            Rule #1.RUN, just run.

                            2.Zig-Zag while you run.

                            3.You never have to kill anything, you can just run.

                            To make things easier you want to save the last zombie and plan your way to the next round. At the end of round 2 you must get MP40, the usual case of failure is round 3 starts and you dont have ammo or points to get a gun, stabbing runners 3 times without jug is a recipe for a down.

                            By the end of round 4-5 you all should have a jug and split to areas you are comfortable with to be running trains, the reson for this is simple, you want to maximize your points by grouping a train and using your pistol trying to get 20-50 points per bullet and the obvious, to avoid running in to each others paths.