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    Populations for Ghosts


      One month after release and it's a Ghost town.

      TDM 1474 players

      Cranked 37

      Blitz 16

      S&R 18

      S&D 29

      Infected 3

      KC 69

      DoM 578

      Hunted 0

      FFA 119

      TT 0

      GW 49


      Other then TDM and DOM, I can sit in a lobby of any other game mode and wait 5-10 min and it still says "We need to find 7 other players." Hard to make captures in Clan wars when there is no games going on! I'm not sure what needs to be done from IW to fix the problem. I just want IW to know i'm not impressed, and this is affecting my decision to purchase future titles.

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          Good post, you're absolutely right about the amount of players.

          I've also noticed that in the beginning we started >30k

          and one month later (f.e yesterday evening) it was <10k ...

          It's too bad, and I fully agree on the fact this needs to be fixed, and soon

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              MW3 had 85,000 on release and after a month still had over 60,000, wow how times have changed.


              I posted 2 graphs comparing MW3 and Ghost after one month and it was deleted.  I tried posting them here again but they have been blocked.


              So Sad Activision would want to block this important information so consumers can make an informed decision before buying the game.

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              the only way to bring back players is rentable dedicated server

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                the only way to bring back players is rentable dedicated server

                Pretty much this ^


                No dedis was there biggest mistake of course. But this time they managed to screw a lot more up as well. Don't get me wrong, not everything is bad in this game. I find the actual gameplay and gun-on-gun action enjoyable. Also the lag and connection problems are bearable. But what keeps this game's level of actual fun pretty low are the really badly thought out maps, playlists and gamemodes.


                Problem #1:

                Basically there are only two different gamemodes: TDM and Domination. While there are actually more than that.. all of them play the same. Cranked, Kill Confirmed are just TDM with a different color. There is probably slightly less camping in those modes but it's still the same. Get kills. Now there is also Blitz, but I haven't played a match yet where people would actually play tactical and not go for kills only. Sadly this also happens in Domination, which would be the only gamemode that has an actual objective.

                I know there is still SnD (or SnR), but this gamemode isn't made for everyone. I never really liked it (outside of league play in BO2) much. If I want to play round based, I'll play counterstrike.


                Problem #2:

                The maps, gamemodes and playlists have an absolutely shitty playercount. Even though there is Ground War, all the large maps are played in the default playlists and all small maps are played in GW. This is bullshit. 9v9 on Strikezone is as bad as 6v6 on Stonehaven. I've wasted hours in this game playing on shitty map/gamemode/playercount combinations that really ruined the game.

                Gamemodes like Hardpoint or HQ that work on larger maps as well (because the whole gameplay is centered around smaller areas) have been removed. In addition the shitty spawn system makes playing on large maps even worse.


                Right now what this game would need is completely re-done playlists. 12v12 TDM on large maps, 9v9 on the smaller ones. And 9v9/6v6 for Domination. Also bring back Demolition and Hardpoint or HQ for 6v6 players. And fix the god damn spawn system.

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                  This could very well be the COD killer.  Never in the history of COD have I seen so many people uninstalling/returning the game.  It's been a long road of undelivered promises, and mis-steps that have finally accumulated to this.


                  All I know is that the opportunity is WIDE OPEN for a new FPS to walk in and set the new precedent.

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                    What did you expect? The game has been out for a month now, none of the problems fixed and it started off with very few people to begin with.

                    It seems like people didn't trust IW anymore and, so far, they have been right. 30.000 people is hardly a "normal" population for a CoD game at launch. They made the same mistake again and included only a few known gamemodes, even less for Hardcore. As so many people usually play Hardcore on PC that's another "chunk" getting cut off the typical numbers.

                    Guess we could've known better too.

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                      For me it only took me one day to know something was really wrong. After 5 day of head aches I asked Steam for a credit and got it. I will never buy a game on release day again, especially a COD game. Actually I am done with Activision/Ward on a whole. They tried to rip me off and spit in my face so they are history. 

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                        it's because people (like myself) can't play the game

                        even with above req system requirements & every other ******* game working without any issues

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                          The game is goosed. Ib4 another fur update.

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                            its already lost 1 more because i have stopped playing MP, they lied about dedi servers and they will never be introduced, so i will never play this game again. its just a hackers paradise now as it was 1 day after official release

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                              787 playing 2 hours ago

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                                I like the word play you had there..


                                "Ghost town", made me giggle

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                                  numbers still dropping fast because of hackers and IW do nothing

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                                      They are the hackers, It's the devs, they own you out here, they make the game, they make the cheats, they sell the cheats, and they have to allow certain things to be undetected so they can also cheat their own game, What dev is going to play his own game and suck at it?


                                      That should be our proof, the media should get involved!, lets see/meet the devs and all the people they rely on for testing the games PC versions.

                                      Are they all these amazing gamers using kb/mouse flicking to every target with perfect aim where you would have to question if it's real, or are they  what you'd expect, just a group of average and so/so gamers.


                                      I Have a feeling this studio/activision is a room of self stamped pro's using cheats who will try to sell it off to the media/anyone as legit playing.

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                                      Yea this game is slowly dying for all consoles last launch there was always 700,000 players on Xbox 360 now on the peak of Saturday there is only 170,000 and this is the newest game. Something needs to be done soon cause I would like to see them succeed instead of having a game like this die so quickly.