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    Help! Glitch!

      Okay so there is a glitch with Agility basically it's not working on the Assault Rifles or the Pistols or the Combat Knife and it Agility also needs a huge buff. Basically while running with the Combat Knife and pistol it felt like I was running the same speed as someone carrying an Assault Rifle without Agility yes I was running that slow with agility with no main weapon just a pistol and combat knife. Please fix this glitch it's making the combat knife and handgun useless with Agility cause when I switch to an SMG it seems like I have Agility when I only have a combat knife and pistol it feels like I am running with an Assault Rifle because it runs so slow. Whenever I tried running Agility with the Assault Rifles it felt like the perk wasn't even on.  Please forward this information to the devs and fix this glitch and then buff the perk as well I shouldn't be running that slow. Long story short it doesn't work with the Assault Rifles and it makes you run slower then smgs when you have a combat knife and pistol and it needs a buff.