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    Is it possible to have killstreak rewards when the game starts? Like, ground jammer with 0 kills?

      Bug report / new kind of cheat detected:

      I just played a game where enemy used a ground jammer.... at the very start of the game! 1 kill was there when the jammer was activated (1 enemy had 1 kill, thats all).






      Kill confirmed


      Amount of times this happened:

      Today - once, about 10 minutes before this post.


      Why I'm asking:

      I played a game on Strikezone yesterday and some cheaters (quite obvious aimbot) were using Chemical Strike (reaper icon) care package reward (or was it only care package?) time after time after time without calling in any care packages. They just ran around with their clan and killed everyone time after time after time and dropped chemical strikes like every minute or two. Reported in-game.

      I believe they found a way to activate killstreaks without having to earn them somehow.

      My question is:

      is it possible to have a killstreak reward or care package the moment a game starts, by, like, shooting/exploding some object or finding a hidden care package on the level, or is that not possible in a vanilla public ranked game?

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