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    Reporting system? hackers are back!

      So in the middle of a game, this guy, "[Removed by Moderator] ^AH ", said that he was going to kick us from the game....and he did, then matchmaker matched me with him again, and he warned us that our WiiU systems will freeze....and that happened too!


      I would like to know what is Activision doing to avoid this. Is the patch fixing this?, cause definetely they figured out the explode that make the WiiU freeze....


      The problem is that with the small install-base of the WiiU, the chances to face the same hackers become higher.


      Now, I'm gonna report the guy to Nintendo, since thankfully your nametags are your NintendoID, so at least he'll have to go to the boring process of create another Mii on the WiiU.


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