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    Balancing Clan Wars

      How hard is it to foresee that if you allow people to add clan members after a small division is chosen then EVERYONE with a brain will just start adding people to win. Taking all the skill, and teamwork out of the equation completely. IW you need to lock all rosters at the beginning of each clan war and only allow new members to contribute after the divisions are reshuffled according to size, skill, etc. The clan winning our division had 25 members when we started and was over 90 by the last day, easily letting them play every game mode and running away with all nodes. I joined a new clan and did the same thing to someone else because the only reason i want to play your stupid clan wars now is for the unlocks then I will probably never play it again. Way to go you tech geniuses you, maybe you should invest in a better think-tank or testing community.

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          1. Re: Balancing Clan Wars

          You said yourself, that you were able to do the same thing as the clan who beat you.

          Can't get any more balanced than that.

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            2. Re: Balancing Clan Wars

            King of Serpents,


            That was a patently stupid response to a legitimate concern about clan wars.  The divisions are intentionally set such that those clans of similar numbers compete.  Circumventing the system by recruiting during an ongoing war is contrary to the spirit of balance they sought to implement.  It makes no difference that all clans can recruit.


            Clan wars are short--lasting only a week.  To preserve true balance members added after the war has begun should be prevented from contributing until the beginning of the next.  They can then be replaced into a new bracket that reflects the current size of the roster before the next war.

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              The point and purpose of Clan Wars is to encourage gamers to enlist their friends. People are more likely to be persuaded to join a clan when there are opportunities to unlock additional content quickly, when there are innumerable posts and articles being distributed about the subject and when it's something that everyone's talking about.
              Given the fact that we are more likely to keep gaming when we are online as a group, the developers are only going to benefit from allowing us to add to the roster during Clan Wars.


              That said:


              You blatantly missed the point of my post. The OP brought about the issue of balance and I simply stated (correctly) that a system which is not weighted in favour of either side can not be unbalanced. Everyone in the Clan Wars had the same chance to do the same thing. It may not be a fair system; but while you may want to keep your clan small, the developers definitely don't want you to, and it's their game.

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                4. Re: Balancing Clan Wars

                The intent was to pair like sized clans with similar wl ratio against each other, not to see who could recruit the most members during a clan war. How do you know that the developers don't want small clans ? That never seemed an issue in the past with mw3 and bo2 .  By your logic they should place a clan with 70 plus members against 7 other clans with less than 15 to force recruitment. Just pointing out your flawed point . They would not have tried to accommodate different sized clans if they wanted them all maxed out.

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                  5. Re: Balancing Clan Wars

                  Show me how I am wrong.

                  "Everyone having the same opportunity to do same thing" = Balanced


                  It makes no difference what the intent was, this isn't a hack or a glitch we're talking about, nothing stopped you from benefiting from the same actions and the wishes of the developers have nothing to do with the OP's issue. The OP says it was unbalanced, I say prove it; Show me how one side had more than the other.

                  If this thread was called "Capping the Roster During Clan Wars" then I would have supported it, but the bottom line is,this thread makes a claim which makes no sense.

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                    6. Re: Balancing Clan Wars

                    I think you need to look up the word balanced and read it's definition. The fact that i had to leave my clan of friends I have played with since WaW just to get the unlocks I want is not balance it is BS.

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                      7. Re: Balancing Clan Wars

                      You did not have to leave your clan, you could have simply recruited more members to your existing one, fact.


                      Since you suggested it, here is the definition I prefer:


                      Balance: noun
                      a situation in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.


                      If I were to use it in a sentence, I'd write


                      "In the interests of balance, each clan, having no unique competitive advantage, will have the opportunity to compete against several similar clans."


                      Oh and standing there berating a group activity because you can't get the things you want, that's BS.

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                        8. Re: Balancing Clan Wars

                        FYI - Noone was circumventing the system. I agree that it isn't right that new members can participate, however, clans are always allowed to recruit and that is what they did. Sure, it helped them in this situation, but they are not circumventing the rules. They are growing their clan, good for them. The issue here is not with clans recruiting, the issue is that the clan wars programming allows for those new members to recruit.


                        I recruited new members for my clan, but I'm always doing this. I had an old friend contact me wanting to have his members join my clan. Thus, we added some new members.  Was this to help win the clan wars? No, but we were trying to grow our clan which happened to land at the same time as the clan war. Was I circumventing the rules? Absolutely not.


                        Summary: Don't blame the clans, blame the developers. This is entirely on Beachhead and not the fault of any clan.

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                          9. Re: Balancing Clan Wars

                          For all anyone knows, the next clan wars may use information from this one to match up rivals. What then? the ones who are actually trying to cheat will ditch members and then end up at a disadvantage until they get their numbers back up.

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