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    Avoiding dogs and other complain-y stuff

      There's no defense against dogs when you round a corner, can't knife em, you die as they start their jump animation, and I'm pretty sure it doesn't take 6 rounds from an LMG to put down a dog.



      And another angry quick scope post, there's no way anyone running around full sprint is going to pull up a sniper rifle, aim and shoot you and two of your friends in the same amount of time as an SMG or AR takes to ADS. For a one shot kill there should be more delay or something. Also, it seems the hit box when using a SR is huge, you can be lagging someone as they run forward and still get a kill. This has been a plague (I think) of CoD for years, and I don't understand why it can't be/isn't more balanced.


      Just watched 2 guys in KC running around like a mad men, picking people off like it was nothing in rapid succession, went 33/2 & 38/6, both with sniper rifles. We still won because none of the other team wasn't picking up tags, but still. 


      Again, just being a whiner.