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    [PS4] Huzzah! 31th Final Ranked Diamond Division Clan, Be apart of something better not bigger.

      Freshly refaced from Call of Duty Elite, Huzzah has been going strong since the 13th of November in the year 2012 of our lord.  We are seeking competitve and loyal players who can play multiple gamemodes when called upon. The skill bar is set with the following minimum standards:

      1. Kill/Death Ratio of 1.5 or higher
      2. Teamwork: Competitive and objective no matter how difficult the opponents
      3. Listening to Orders: commands may be given under pressured circumstances
      4. Adaptability: If one class isn't working try another; Stay frosty
      5. Have Fun: No one likes hear their team rage (Aces07)
      6. Team Time: Show up for clan meetings announced through playstation app/twitter(@HuzzahGaming); When Clar Wars roll around, we expect FULL PARTICIPATION during war until we have won.
      7. Mics are required.
      8. perferably be from the U.S. (this helps with timing for clan wars)
      9. 17+ years of age because that is the requirement to purchase the game legally
      10. *Not Required* Likes playing esports.

      If accepted into the clan, the following is unacceptable:

      1. Fighting/trolling the team you are playing with
      2. dashboarding
      3. giving up even if we are about to be defeated

      Lastly, We are ranked 31st in Diamond Division and our clan level is 25. We also have a clan for UK players (Huzzah UK) and for the more causal players (Huzzah2). Send a message on psn or tweet @HuzzahGaming if you think you have what it takes. We can't wait for you to become apart of our team!


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