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    No sound behind the player - bug or feature?


      While playing I noticed that I almost never hear anything directly behind me. I didn't pay much attention to it till I saw a killcam of someone shooting an entire magazine from a LOUD gun right behind my back, and I couldn't hear a thing.

      Yesterday I was able to confirm this easily. On my PC I do not hear anything behind my avatar.


      How to check weather you hear anything:

      1. Start a private match on Prison Break map, Domination mode.

      2. Go to the river between B and C points, go to the bridge.

      3. Facing the waterfall, walk off the brige and stand in the river, right next to the bridge.

      4. Listen carefully to the sound, memorize it.

      5. Turn around and look at B and the road to it.


      At this point (5) my waterfall sound stops rendering, I simply don't hear it. So whatever is behind me, I do not hear this.


      This happens on any map, with any kind of sound. I do not hear anything behind me.


      Is it supposed to work this way? Or is it somehow connected to my 7.1 speaker setup?