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        The MSBS does does the job that a burst-fire gun should, and Ghosts Moshpit does have mostly Freefall and Strikezone, which is nice, but I would like to see Warhawk and Octane in there as well. And for everyone complaining about the dog's health, i've never had a problem killing them since the game came out, I only have a problem with them knowing i'm right around a corner.

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          Not sure but ever since the update my Ghost has been stuck in a loop on the load screen for multipolayer......

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            We'll take a look and see if we can reproduce the issue here

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              The MSBS gun needs to be nerfed. It is too powerful.  That gun kills you in with one burst in regular TDM. It should at least take two.  Its like you are in hardcore TDM when you go up against someone with that gun. You get shot with it and you are dead.


              Also I was playing a match on Octane and the was a guy on the truck next to the Pawn shop and then he just started walking forward and was walking on air. He was also unable to be killed. I recorded it to my game clips.

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                same here. installed update yesterday and since have not been able to get past the main screen. it loops at the screen that shows the ghost guy's face. goes black for a second then continues to loop again. had no issues with the game or XB1 prior to this installation. this bites. cant even get to the menu to play campaign. game is broken. hope they find a fix very soon!

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                  there is no reason they should have changed basic mechanics of how the game worked for things like:


                  -quick mute via scoreboard

                  -connection/ping meter in EVERY game. this is a pathetic attempt to silence the community over the terrible lag that has plagued this franchise since mw2 was phased out and BO1 showed just how bad the lag comp could be.

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                    Spawns are still messed up bad. Spawn 4 times with the enemies and got slapped. lol  the only real complaint besides that is the guard dog it takes way to many bullets to kill it

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                      When will lag compensation be fixed?  When will search based mm find less laggy games?  When will snipers be fixed?  When will IED's be fixed?

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                        Why did you lie about Quickscoping, this game is plagued with them and ruining the game. Who runs around with a sniper rifle, has time to ADS, lock on target and fire a precise shot...No one. Why am I getting beat with a 800 rps, with a .45 cal gun to the face and they are able to do all that. What a joke, this franchise is sinking all by catering to one group, kids who are non Confrontational. And you wonder why your sales are down, because of multiple platforms...huh. I'd find another job if I were you.

                        • 19. Re: Ghosts Xbox One Updates (12/2/13)

                          teanah wrote:


                          We'll take a look and see if we can reproduce the issue here

                          Just some things I have noticed when being stuck on this screen

                          1. The "loading player data" with the diamond filling up over and over again just keeps going until you get an error.
                          2. I can tell this is going to happen if I select MP and then select XBL and there is a delay when the "choose storage device" option comes up.
                          3. The only sure way to get rid of it is by deleting the TU and re-installing it.  But that doesn't fix it forever, a few sessions later it will happen again.
                          4. Once I am permitted in a game, I can switch between Squads, MP and Extinction and never have an issue again until the next time I turn on my console.

                          Hope this helps.

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