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    Sunlight is OP

      I never played during the day in this house until now.  I was doing great too.  Game wasn't lagging.  I was playing smart.  Doing really well.  Then I get on a match on Tremor.  A map that I happen to like.  Sun comes out, shines through the window on the front door (I haven't put up curtains yet) and that's when it was time to stop playing.  Not only was it blinding me, but it made the wii remote freak out.  I quit after going 1 and 7.  The one guy I killed was with the knife.  I couldn't see, and even if I could, the wii remote was just spinning all over the screen. lol  No chance of actually shooting anyone.   I took that as a sign that It's time to stop and get ready for work.