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    Clan Wars: Nodes w/ How Many Capture Points?

      I've tried to research this everywhere, but there is nothing that I can find.


      How do you know how many captures points are there for each target? It will say the wins that you have to achieve for that node to be captures but we cannot tell how many captures points we will get. Is there also EXTRA capture points when you take a node down from another clan?


      For the game types domination and tdm which obviously has the most wins to achieve like 400 wins on domination and 200 wins on TDM - do those nodes hold more capture points than others?


      Please someone help identify this!

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          Re: Clan Wars: Nodes w/ How Many Capture Points?

          You get 12 CP for winning the target, when someone takes that from another clan, they get 11, then next time 10 and so on. There might be more points for DOM and TDM, as you need more wins to get those targets.


          They also updated so you get CP for holding the targets for I think it is 24 hours, don't know how many points though.


          (also, depending on how big the clans in your division is, there may be less or more wins needed to capture a target. There are only 3 in each clan in our division, so we needed 5 wins in Cranked and Kill Confirmed to take that target, we already have 24CP and are the only ones in our division who have played).

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            Re: Clan Wars: Nodes w/ How Many Capture Points?

            Most nodes are worth 12 points to start, but some are worth 15 or 20.   They should just put on each node how much it's worth, but for now, you have to guess.   It seems to have matched up with the % Bonus you receive if you capture it.  For example, if the bonus is 25%, the node is worth 12.   If the Bonus is 40%, the node is worth 20 points.   That's the way it was in the first war, but this one may have changed.   It certainly would make things clearer if they would post some sort of scoring matrix, or just put how many points each node is worth on the actual app.

            And the CP's do decrease on each following capture, but we have noticed it's a % decrease and not just -1, -2, -3, etc.   But once again, not very clear.

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              Re: Clan Wars: Nodes w/ How Many Capture Points?

              Does anyone know how the defending bonus works and the value?

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                Re: Clan Wars: Nodes w/ How Many Capture Points?

                This how the capture points work:


                1- it is half of what the xp percentage is for that node.


                -25% - 12 points

                -30% - 15 points

                -40% - 20 points


                2- every time it is capped after the first time, it drops down in value by 1


                - your clan caps Cranked first, you get 12 points

                - another clan caps Cranked second, they get 11 points

                - your clan recaps Cranked, you will get 10 points

                - keep dropping with every cap


                3- no one knows yet what the point structure is for holding a cap past 24 hours, 48 hours, etc.

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