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    Maybe you just aren't as good as you think....... warning long winded rant.

      I have played these games for years and the amount of hours played should lead to far above average play.  I have adjusted and tried everything to improve.  I have watched guys on my FL's gameplay via theater and youtube and it sticks out how easy they make it look.  I used to watch Gumps videos (bops and MW3) and they helped me quite a bit with his tips.  I watched Whytie84's videos and learned a lot about moving around the map which helped me a ton and even suggested some of my favorite classes to him only to watch him get a MOAB the next week with said class.   I watched DBLs vids and while I am a flag capping, tag grabbing whore I cannot even come remotely close to those scores even when I avoid the flag or tags like the plague.


      I use kontrol freaks.

      I use tactical layout

      I went from a SD tv to a 55" plasma a month ago which made the game much better but did not help statistically.

      I hard wire my connection and have my PS in DMZ

      I try different set ups and classes that I see guys beasting with.

      I move tactically, and rush at times.

      I dont camp and I do camp when I need to.


      I could continue the list for a long time but it all boils down to the fact that I have just over a 1 k/d no matter what I change or do.  I had games in bops2 where everything went right and I owned everyone.  I had a 76 kill game on KC, and an 82 kill game of KC.  Yet I finished bops2 with a 1.14 k/d.  Part of that is my own choices.  I will die twice to take that sniper out before he kills 6 more of my teammates.  I go negative in that instance but possibly helped my team + 5 or more if he is close to a high end streak.


      I finally realized after watching my buddies 15 year old kid play the other day that I dont have the reflexes, accuracy, or sense of when to run away from a fight to stay alive.  Instead I take everyone head on even if its 3 v 1.  I miss those 2 extra shots when he landed them.  He lands the first shot faster then I would.  Either way I die he lives hence his 2.6 k/d and my 1.08.


      Long post to get to my point here but I think most people feel like they are way better then they are, self included, which makes the game less enjoyable because you rarely live up to your own expectations.  I get mad when I barely go positive but math cannot be argued and thats exactly who I am.  If myself and many others would learn to embrace this the game would be much more enjoyable.

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