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    I can't believe........

      I am still playing this game!

      By sheer fluke I managed to obtain the "Maniac" Armour.  Now remember it states "You can't out run a Maniac!

      Well I chased a guy with a riot shield all over the storm front map ( and believe me thats a BIG map) and never got anywhere near him!  I was the same distance away from him as when we started running and he didn't know I was chasing him, he just was running... an no it wasn't Forrest Gump!.


      As for the spawns I was spawn killed eleven times last night kept  spawning in front of a sniper Stonehaven.

      I am considering returning the game to Infinity Ward, or whoever as a token vote of disgust in this crap.


      I am still having the issue with the weapon pulling to the left or staying central etc when the game starts, spawns etc.  Have altered my settings etc done every conceivable thing I can think of to try and sort it other than use the Gamepad or CCP but I like using the wii mote.


      Everytime I log on I think "tonight will be different" nope still the same crap..... getting very close to going back to BOps

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          Re: I can't believe........

          seasickmacca wrote:



          Everytime I log on I think "tonight will be different" nope still the same crap.....

          That's what I was hoping for today when I logged on, but nope, still the same old BS. But I aint going back to Bo2 either, that's just as bad for me, I think I'll just enjoy my evenings and relax with Netflix and start watching the Sopranos again.

          You would think after what, 4 years, 5 years, they would know what they're doing by now, but clearly they are just clueless..

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