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    Keep me out of non-North American lobbies please!

      Is this something that can be fixed? I understand that this game was built around dedicated servers, but since they aren't here, can matchmaking be improved? I also understand that with fewer amounts of players, the lobbies can get mingled altogether.


      From what I hear from other people, and I agree, is that we'd love to be able to filter games by region. I'd rather wait 30 minutes for a game than spend 10 minutes in a laggy-ass game with the French, Holland, Australian, Latin, or KOS guys (Spain I think). Cool guys, yes. But, nothing makes me quit playing this game more than the lag that's caused by the game for some reason thinking I should order Rosetta Stone and invent my own super fibre internet webz in order to game with these people across the world. And I'd think that Activision would prefer to not have people leaving their game.


      My wish list:

      1) Ability to search games by region

      2) Ability to search games by best, normal, all

      3) Ability to see players ping to server by some sort of visual indicator so I can decide to stay or leave

      4) Ability to, as a lobby, vote to kick someone out who is making the lobby lag (or trolling/boosting/cheating). 3/4 of the lobby wants a player gone...s/he's gone

      5) Improve the crazy amount of lag that's caused by a player doing split screen (one on tv, one on gamepad)...it's amazing how screwed up the lag gets when these guys are in the lobby

      6) Ability for parties to invite and/or join other parties - why this doesn't exist is beyond me. I'd love to just hang out with other full parties all night than take our chances with anything that could cause more lag than is needed