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      Last few weeks I had a few goes at this game and came across players that just love to troll… uhhhh

      A few games where I have a team player with me or two and we are looking for another to make a full party, so we get a random player in the game, agree on a plan. After about 1hr or 2 the random player starts to play a solo grief game, turns off his mike, just kills the last zombie and simply plays for kills dragging the time play in to infinity to a single round, just to top it up he turns his mike back on and tells us that he enjoyed trolling us and starts to abuse other players. Why? Why do people do that? How can this be fun? 

      What can we do about this? Karma maybe?

      This scenario occurred multiple times, enough times for me to start disliking the game and be very cautious about who I play with, necessary really? or you guys have some tips to avoid or spot these players?

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          Re: Trolling

          This is not a new occurrence. U want tips to avoid it? Play with friends or somebody on the forums who is well known. I find it humorous that only now this is making you to just start disliking the game lol, you've done well to avoid those feelings thus far .  as u say u did, talk to them in pre game lobby, not a dead cert but should be able to get an idea of who you're playing with. I would've thought the trolls would thin out a little but with ghosts out, felt like it did when MW3 came out for blops.

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              Re: Trolling

              we get a random player in the game, agree on a plan

              As you can see we did talk to them until they turn the mic off, and they all sound good in the lobby until 1or2hrs later in to the game. Yeah i have a good selection of players but we dont go online at the same time and always seem to be missing one or two players to make a full party, we also already smashed 2 and 3 player leaderbord, so hoping to top up a 4player one just seems to be a burden.

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              Re: Trolling

              I've run into trolls before. I usually grief the **** outta them sometimes they catch on and quit though

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                Re: Trolling

                "With great trolling comes great responsibility."

                                         -Jimmy Zielinski

                I only troll when my friends are trolling. For example, a group of us on the forum here ran and did all three Easter Eggs, last being Tranzit. After we were done we just hung around town and started throwing EMPs at Jug (For some reason Staminup too.)


                In the case that someone is trying to ruin the match, then do one of these:

                1. STEP YOUR GAME UP. Maybe they'll see their efforts are in vain and cut it out.
                2. FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE. Troll them, and be a winrar, whether it involves not reviving them, or stealing their kills.
                3. ABORT THE MISSION. Not every lobby has a troll. Try a different fishing hole.


                This PSA brought to you by Speed Cola -- "Speed Cold speeds up your life!"



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