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    The next update will determine if I continue to play this game on Wii U

      Either way, I will continue to play this game. I have it for both Wii U and PS4, so if the next Wii U update doesn't fix some of the more serious issues then I'll just switch to PS4.


      And that'll mark an important turning point for me and has serious implications for the future of my involvement in this community. It'll be the first time I play a CoD game seriously on another platform and the first time I move over to using control sticks exclusively. If the issues with the Wii U version continue to go unpatched, I may find myself getting used to control sticks and leaving the Wii U community permanently.


      I don't want that to happen. The next update needs to address the framerate and it needs to address the connection. Everything else can come later, but those two issues need addressing asap.