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    Anyone else having a "black screen"come on for a few seconds while selecting gun camo,recticles or going into matches?

      This has been happening ever since last patch MAINLY when i go to choose gun camo...the screen will turn black BUT i can still hear music in background and when i press the back button it goes back to regular screen...this is an occasional but annoying problem...this is the only game it happens in and only when im selecting one of those options...spoke to some random ppl in game and they said its happened as well...saw some one in the xbox 1 forums have the exact same issue.someone playing on a ps3 messaged me and told me exact same issue on there..playstation told me it sounds like some sort of bug since it only happens on MAINLY the camo screen...it happened one time tonight when selcting game type...last night i played for hours and nothing happened...its just annoying...we spend all this money on our systems and we just wanna make sure its not them...it has never happened In a match and liek i said ive played madden and bf4 for hours and nothing...please patch,seems like a bug just like the black ops 2 sound buzzing bug that used to force us to turn off the system and restart...anyone else?

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