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    ps3 clan KantbeStopped(xKBS) is now recruiting


      Leader: Chickencrap313

      Co Leader: Xkon-OBezzy


      Clan kd: 1.76

      Requirements: 1.80kd or higher

      Clan Wars division: Platinum




      Hey guy KantbeStopped is now recruiting. Im looking for solid active players,that know callouts,go for the objective,play competitive,and preferably have a mic. Im looking for good team players thats willing to help the team in whatever role that we need played to win,no matter if its defense,offense,support runner,or a slayer. We want players that are TEAM ORIENTED. As you can see the requirements are 1.80 kd or higher,but for people who feel they are a solid player and show it by winning games you guys now have the oppurtunity to showcase your skills in a tryout. So if anyone interested in joiningt then feel free to message me on psn@Xkon-OBezzy.Also were a competitive clan as well,we do clan wars,clan vs clan,clan scrimmages,and we have clan practices to get better strategies.  For people that do want to join and meet the requirements then apply for the clan now using the callofduty app or just add me on psn and ill just send you a invite. Looking forward to playing with u guys



      Ps: If your a "clan hopper" then don't even bother messaging me or applying. Im only looking for loyal members NOT someone to play with for a hour or two.