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    Why can't people accept coming across genuinely good players?

      Hello all

      I guess this is kind of just a rant on the in game COD community.


      So last night when I was playing TDM with two friends, two middle aged men on the other team were accusing me of "cheating" watching their killcams and screaming "wallhacks" followed by a hurdle of abuse when the game ended and claiming that I'd be banned

      Then I had a couple of TDM games playing solo when my friends went offline; one game going 29-2 and dying 2 off a kem strike against a 4 man clan, when the game ended they too were shouting abuse at me and all saying they're using the in game report feature then leaving the lobby.


      I have been playing COD since the World at War days, thus I am experienced with the franchise and have quickly picked up on Ghosts..

      I use astro a40's and ever since I purchased them it upped my gameplay an exceptional amount.

      To be honest getting called a cheater when you're actually an honest player is more of a compliment but the point I'm trying to make is how judgemental and unnecessarily bitchy cod players are now, more than ever.

      I'm not a difficult person to get along with. If I come across a genuinely good player I'll message them telling them that, and people used to do the same towards me. But now it's at a point where having a 3+ k.d sets you up for nothing but hate, wrong accusations and in game reports.


      The sad thing is there are people who actually are cheating - all perks and mini guns, yet I never see anybody call them out in game.


      Anyone else here experience anything like this?

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          You should see some of my threads on here. I have ranted my ass off about these cheaters and yes, I call them out a lot. It is disgusting. I also started a thread thanking the honest players who make the game fun. But don't worry, because if they did report you, the Dev team can watch footage from the match to determine the validity of these claims. It's just an excuse that these guys use when they are getting killed. I am an honest player too, never boosted, and if I have people on my friends list who ask me to boost with them, I delete them right away. I want nothing to do with that crap. keep playin honest, broo, and check out some of my other threads and get in on those discussions, cuz I have a lot of people participating, so you can say all you need to. I need more people like you on my friends list.

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            It probably has a lot to do with you being the minority.  There are so many "l33t" players in CoD, that actually aren't.  If are using anything other than the base console and controller to play the game, and it gives you any kind of an advantage, it's not skill.  I'm not down playing your abilities at all.  You may just be an exceptional player, they do exist.  Mostly what people run into are the punk kids running around with modded controllers, Turtle Beach headsets and even full blown hackers.  Truly skilled players are the minority.  They also confuse a lot of what they see on the kill cams.  My experience is that lag is the biggest single contributor "you're a cheater" mantra.  I'm guilty of it myself.  Inversely however, I've seen true cheaters.  A guy running around with an L115 QS'n like a beast.  A person could say they were skilled, except in the final kill cam, he no scoped 2 people in a row from a good distance. 


            TL;DR - if you're playing honest and only using a headset, and still being called a cheater, it's definitely a compliment.

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              Yeah, I've had this happened to me too, but not a lot though: Sometimes I'll be in some sessions were in the actual match going on, I would spot a person 1st & try to shoot them. But yet, as soon as I see them, it's almost like I've been shot with a sniper rifle, or a shotgun with a silencer on it. And they're using assault rifles. I'm not sure if it's a cheat, but I know not everybody on that team aren't like that: you see 'em, you pop 'em.


              But I not worried about them trying to report me, because it will false.

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                  It sounds like you might've possibly ran into a lag switcher; IIRC, someone who has an illegally modified controller or something that let's them instantly lag any enemy they come across so bad that they freeze on their own (the cheater's) screen, leaving the person they come across a wide open sitting duck to kill (and such cheaters usually use a sniper rifle to OHK them too) while things appear mostly normal for the victim aside from seemingly instantly dying as soon as they spot you.


                  There are various YouTube videos that show them.


                  I'm definitely part of the minority. All I have is a normal system and controller. Don't know how to hack or modify consoles or anything nor have the money for any fancy controllers or headsets or anything, so all I can do is do the best I can and HOPE I don't run across hackers/cheaters. It's also why I hope that bots become a much more regular thing in multiplayer games beyond CoD. It gives me a chance to actually "do well" and have fun using, in CoD at least, the various killstreaks that I'd probably rarely, if ever, get against humans (cheaters or otherwise). With BO2 and now Ghosts, I've been having more fun against the bots than the people...what does that say about things?

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                      Yep, lag switching is THE most pathetic form of cheating. I would rather play a lobby of perk hackers than a lag switcher. I have a red controller that is sooo old, the area just below the buttons where your thumb rests has holes worn in it! I'm talking stick-your-finger-in-and-feel-the-circuits-holes! Still works! I use my PSEYE as a mic when needed and I have no fancy tech knowledge either. Screw fancy tech. Let's just play and have fun.

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                        Thanks for letting know that, man. Because I feel like I'ma very good player, but come across some type of BS during me playing certain in sessions. In other sessions I would be dominating, because once you get to know the map, and everybody's favorite spots, then kills just fall in your lap.


                        Another thing is, I can't be detected on the map, nor can some special scope spot me. I know you have to crouch when approaching players with amplifier as one of their perks while using mines to get a closer kill, or be notified on someone closing in on my position. I also have most of my guns with a silencer on them. I just feel that I have the best setup. So to me, I feel like head to head contact is always in my favor, if I'm already pointing, and usually knowing who's around the corner.


                        So in my playing style, all I have to do is pull the trigger. And when somebody kills me once I see them (knowing that I'm already prepared to shoot at 1st glance), then you know something's up. Now I'ma just report cats when this happens more than 3 times of coming in contact with the same player. I thought it was lag, but it's too damn odd when it's only 1 name doing it.

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                      i don't really blame anyone right now for accusing people of cheating considering the amount of people that actually are cheating

                      god knows how many times i've ran into people with every perk in the game, and yesterday i had an encounter with some kid that would just start shooting through walls in s&d (i know wallbanging isn't a magical feat, but he would start shooting with 100% accuracy through walls with no previous signs that anyone would be there, and in killcams you could see him leading shots through walls even across the map)

                      pretty ridiculous really

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                        I seriously feel your pain. I've been accused of this "wallhacking", and many other things when i've played a good game. Funniest thing was, when i was playing with my friend, and we seriously crushed a clan with full party. After the game one of them told everybody to report me because I had six perks. I tried to tell them that there are perks of different point values and that im not using tactical or secondary weapon and because of that, i can afford more perk points. But they just couldnt understand it.

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                          I have had this same issue, those of you who say not to worry.......you haven't been banned and are fortunate. I on the other hand have in BOps2 for simply going 25-0 and saved the video to my vault. there was no boosting, I didn't hack and still was reset. I too consider myself a good player and have had such a group say the same about me and some of my clan complaining we had aim bots and wall hacks but they didn't realize we dropped 3 oracles. TBH the reporting system in this game franchise is the worst, especially considering how many children who aren't even old enough to technically play the game. Most games have in game devs who can pop in to the lobbies and watch game play in real time to determine if players are in deed cheaters, hacking, or any such "breach of conduct" yet here this is not so. They just base it off of how many players have reported you. which IMO this is not the way to go when it comes to these issues. I have seen the same person for the past 5 days 10th prestige 3.0 kd all perks and have in deed reported this guy for all the reasons in game and he is still playing the game which makes no sense to me when players who are genuine and really good get banned really fast


                          to the poster......GL and hopefully you don't get banned

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                            it because of all the hackers lagg switch users an if u r playing someone with a bad connection they r seeing something totaly diffrent then u. there is alot of lag when u party up with ur clan members. when i have a full crew i set there n get hit markers after hit markers even with i.d.s. n it seems like they kill me with one shot no matter were they hit me. so yea i can see why people get mad now they feel like they r being cheated n even if it not ur fault ur the one in the lobby. but hey if ur looking for a clan we got a good one going send me a friend invite my name is R-O-O-S-T-E-R77

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                              Why can't genuinely good players accept there will be people moaning?

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                                Because they don't know the magic of soundwhoring with a good pair of headsets.


                                You don't even need gaming headset, just a regular music one. I have a yamaha music headphone that is very sturdy and the sound is crisp and clear for both gaming AND music. I actually advise against purchasing a gaming headset because they suck for music...waste of money.

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                                  It not  that you are cheating it is that there is so many of them now in Ghost and nothing being done about it that all that play honest and having fun get that all you can do is deal with it or do as i am doing trading in the game for something differant and im sick of the BS and hacks and cheats

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                                    i like it when you are playing a clan that are all camping, you kill them in the spot they were camping at and they get pissed off calling you a camper...they just cant handle competition. Ill go 27-7 in tdm agaubst a clan, still lose, and they leave because they got killed too much by a "camper". i just laugh at them and aske them why they can't handle any comp. of course they say,who won? And i reply, you have a full party, i am solo, you shouldnt let a player do that to you..

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                                      to accept someone is better is to acknowledge you suck.


                                      human nature wont allow that...............

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                                        Here's my take on the "verbal abuse" we receive from inferior players:

                                        If they're swearing at you....you're playing the right way. >:)