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    The Weapon Debate


      I was asked by like2nap03 to debate some weapons. First of all, I'd like to thank you, and I'm glad my opinion means something to you. That said, this is solely my opinion - you may not agree with everything I say. I may use facts, and for the most part those facts come from Drift0r's In Depth series of videos on YouTube. Lastly, I've only played Call of Duty since Black Ops (1), and the great majority of my experience has been on the Wii and now the Wii U. Without further ado, let's get into some weaponry! Shall we?


      In my opinion, Ghosts has the best weapon balance of any CoD game to date. Also, it's the closest to being realistic. In real life, it's most likely you'd drop in one shot in real life, regardless of where a bullet hits you, and die period if it would hit you in the right places. In, Ghosts, many weapons are 2 to 5 shots to kill, with the latter being longshots. In Black Ops 2, it was more like 3 or 4 to 7, however, the maps were too small to ever really get up to the distance needed for the longshot of 7 bullets. Anyway, I'm getting off my point. What I meant here is that there is no completely outclassing or underclassing weapon in Ghosts. And yes, I know the first thing you're gonna say is, "What are you talking about?? The MSBS is the OP BS!!!", but I would care to disagree. By basic gun stats, yes, the MSBS is the most powerful, and has a large 2-shot-kill range for a 3-round-burst gun. BUT, did you know: You can put the Burst Fire attachment on ANY Assault Rifle, and Marksman Rifles for that matter, which gives all of the above a damage boost that grants a 2-shot-kill range to all those guns (which also then have 3-round-bursts). (NOTE: All Assault Rifles also have a Single Shot attachment that grants a similar damage boost, allowing for 2-shot-kills to whatever range). Also, with burst and single shot weapons, you need to aim to use them. Hip-fire kills are pretty much only luck, unless you come up behind them or something. This is an Assault Rifle dominated game so far, but not by much, and besides - I feel that's how it should be. Think about it. I'll make a little (what is supposed to be a) range chart comparison [from biggest to smallest].


      Sniper Rifles - the longest ranges to moderate range

      Light Machine Guns - long range to moderate range

      Marksman Rifles - long range to lesser moderate range

      Assault Rifles - lesser long range/greater moderate range to greater short range

      Sub-Machine Guns - moderate range to short range

      Pistols - greater short range to very short range

      Shotguns - short range to very short range

      Riot Shield/Melee - the closest encounters


      There are always exceptions to these, however, which may or may not be do to luck or practice (ex. quickscoping). Pistols are meant as back-up weapons for various situations, and also I cant exactly include weapons that shoot explosives into this chart. My point with the Assault Rifles is this - They cover the most situations.


      I, you, or anyone may have a preference for a certain weapon or type of weapon just because you're good with it or it feels good to use. I feel like I can do well with any weapon in the game, and personally that I SHOULD do well [on average] because I am a good player. I am not the best, but I am good, and always trying to get better, and that last part is the attitude anyone out there should have. I may make more posts like this about various topics, if you show that you enjoyed this one. Always feel free to ask me stuff!


      One last thing I'd like to talk about is something I've seen around. It would be the opinion that this game is slower than a game like Black Ops 2, and, to a point, I agree. This is mostly due to map sizes. This opinion goes on to say you can't rush or you'll lose/do bad every time. This I do not agree with. It all depends on what you're trying to rush with and where. For example, Stonehaven is not a map you want to try to rush on. You should never play recklessly if you're trying to do well - This is somewhat of a strategy game. On many other maps besides Stonehaven, you can rush with SMG's, Shotguns, some AR setups, and even some Pistol/Shield/Knife setups, and do very well. You just need to know the maps and not go/stay out in the open. If something's not working, try something else. Maybe you need a different pace or class to start having more fun, or maybe a different better lobby. This is a great game, no matter how you might try to get down on something about it. It's always good to have better connections and get good games with high scores/kdr's, but the biggest thing is having fun. That's what you should do. Find something that you have fun with and keep doing it, but at the same time, always look for more things you can have fun with. See ya'll in the game! Try to have more fun than me!