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    I doubt anyone

      in charge will read this. But why is the report a cheater disable on the support site for activision for ghost?

      Soon as you hit report and where it would normally ask you to fill in the name and other data its just a link to how to do it in game. Personally I would like to be able to report both in game and on the site.


      And I know this violates the stupid rules. But Rx8z___ need to be banned. If the cheaters don't want to play by the both ps3 and game TOS the legit players shouldn't be force to sit in silence and just accept that maybe someone will get around to do something about these  little douchbag cheaters.


      list of things Rx8z___ did. All perks hack, chaining Odin and Helo pilot, wearing/using Body Count uniform, wearing/using Headgear Body Count Reaper (last two being hacks, since we have onlyh had one clan war to win or lose so far and both of those require 3+ wins in gold or higher to unlock)


      And the conversation with this lowlife. His excuse....i paid $450 for my ps3 and game I can do what I want.

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          Re: I doubt anyone

          I should also mention I know this will get an edit from the mods.  But I urge everyone that comes in contact with a cheater to not only  report in game as much as possible. But to take it one step further and report it directly to Sony. Since Activision and IW seem to be doing nothing about a problem they created.  So maybe if enough people report the cheaters to Sony we will start hearing about actual systems being banned. Which in my opinion is the only way to deal with cheaters/hackers NO more 1 week bans which are useless since they just turn around make a new account and go right back to cheating within 5 mins of being banned on one account.

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