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    Looking to join Active clan with my Friend ( BO2 , GHOSTS , XBOX )

      hellooooo , im 15 and my friend is 17 , we want to get into a clan that is atleast trying to get into MLG  ( He is extreamly good )

      im mostly into bo2 he is not , were very active members , im on every single day , so is he. we want a clan that is also close to getting gold clan tags or is close , we sound demanding we know but were done with small clans. im also a youtube editor , I make montages. we both have capture cards but he is just mostly into gaming , I am good at both , I have reset my stats too many times to remember , so if your interested please message me , Thank you for your time .


      GT : VecT St0rm

      ( we both have mic btw )