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        30. Re: Something hidden in TranZit, possible 2nd easter egg.

        The thing I don't get is why orbs even mean theres more to the EE. Its the same thing as the tower lighting up, its to show you've done the EE.

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          31. Re: Something hidden in TranZit, possible 2nd easter egg.

          I was unaware that the orbs are present on the WiiU even-- that to me contributes to the idea that they are there for a reason. I like the idea of trying to spawn four orbs, if just to see what would happen.

          But, it seems that even spawning one anywhere is a task in itself.


          This makes me think of Zielinski's vague, cryptic tweet: "wait the appropriate amount of time, then continue to work" (or something to that degree) Based on what I've read, as I am still an orb-virgin, there is exactly no way to spawn an orb on purpose. So, it's safe to assume they are as random as the excavators on Moon (unless there is a way to choose which section gets nailed when that I don't know about). Wait until they do, then work. Now, how do you work with them? That's the question that needs to be analyzed. Even spawning four orbs--- what then?


          I'm still clinging to the idea of some sort of zom-campaign that can be completed Solo, since almost every other major EE seems to require 2-4 people between BO1 and BO2. Not that teamwork is a bad thing, but I feel that a real Solo drive would be amazing. Since the orbs do appear in Solo, perhaps you can deal/continue with them in the same mode. Thinking of the bus horns on Nuketown (maybe between rounds 4-7) one may have to work with an orb in that time.


          Now, I'm sure lots of things have been tried on these orbs--- shooting them with every gun ever, throwing semtex at 'em, jet-gunning them, staring at them, killing zombies by them, etc... I don't recall hearing this one: We all know the orb locations, and we know that the box will sometimes create an orb randomly around random guns. Has anyone taken said "orb" gun and fired it at an orb?

          Edit: perhaps the orb needs to encircle one gun in particular? ray gun always comes to mind, especially when packed, or the Mark II now that that's available in Tranzit. Of course, trying to get an orb out of the box to encircle a particular weapon would be time consuming and costly. But, we have the bank


          I've mentioned all of the Moon references in Tranzit before. That idea sounds a bit like moving the "egg" on Moon with a particular weapon in order to get it somewhere else. Since it is an energy, it could be built up. So, maybe move it from one location to another, with an "orb'd" weapon to build it up so it can eventually land in its home? Where ever that may be.


          Just a random idea. I plan on jumping in-game today to experiment, and with higher hopes since I'll have regained my blue eyes. Good luck slayers.

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            32. Re: Something hidden in TranZit, possible 2nd easter egg.

            Yeah, they don't necessarily have to mean they are part of a continuation. No one has ever properly managed to guarantee a way triggering them, and having gone over the morse code messages again, I still cannot take much from them. Maybe as you say, they are purely decoration like the tower to show what side you are on.


            I have been in a game where I have had an Orange orb on one traffic light and another player has had a Blue orb on the other traffic light, and that was in a game that was mixed, so the EE was not done in that particular match.


            Either way, I am still ruling them out as being a glitch. Especially seeing as they appear on all 4 systems. Why they highlight the morse code though is strange.


            Help me so I can help you

            The future is ours to destroy

            Power is knowledge

            Go to the light

            Stay close to me

            Energy can only be transformed

            We shall prevail


            Not really sure what can be taken from any of these messages apart from the obvious.

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              33. Re: Something hidden in TranZit, possible 2nd easter egg.

              To add to what Megadog said...  Why didn't they add the orbs to the other maps that the New 4 are in?  I would like to think if they were a huge part of the EE, like lighting up the tower, that they would have at least continued to place orbs on Die Rise and Buried.  I could always be wrong, but Megadog is right... Treyarch and Jimmy have gave us the run around for quite some time with BO2.


              and when I say run around I mean:


              - huge lack of communication with the community

              - Jimmy's cryptic tweets that hardly make sense... if they even pertain to zombies at all

              - glitches galore since the game was released

              - patching some glitches while other huge ones like the PS3 MotD freezing issue remain


              and the whole deal with the beams showing up on Xbox and not PS3... that makes no sense to me as to why they would have it happen on ONE console and not all.  That alone lead me to believe that they left certain things unfinished, and has also caused a great divide in players who think there is something more and those who think it is finished.


              Considering people were able to figure out most of the EEs to all of the maps within a matter of weeks after their release.. you would expect SOMEONE would have been able to find more to this after more than a years time.


              That is my 2 cents.

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                34. Re: Something hidden in TranZit, possible 2nd easter egg.

                I'm aware that you were not talking about PS3, but that's a huge point.  Wouldn't it make sense that whatever the continuation is (if there is one) would be consistent across all platforms?


                "Consistent" being the key word in that sentence, and the main reason as to why I believe they left certain things unfinished.

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                  35. Re: Something hidden in TranZit, possible 2nd easter egg.

                  The orbs in town are still unexplained, and will probably never be explained. I'd have to go back and play the map a lot, because it only seems to happen at random. The only spots I can remember are the box at the Diner (I've never seen the orbs at the box anywhere else in the map), the streetlights near jug, and the pylon.


                  I do remember, getting a weapon out of the box while the orbs surrounded it, I did everything I could think of but nothing ever came of it. I think I killed nothing but denizens with it, killed nothing but zombies in one area, shot the Agarthan portals under the street lamps, put it in the weapon storage and got it out in other maps, and finally PaP did nothing. If my memory serves me right, it was the executioner that I got from the orbs but it seems to be random.


                  Perhaps now with the Mark 2, there may be more to getting the orbs WITH a mark 2? That's literally the only thing I've yet to see be tried.


                  They could be nothing more than souls clinging to an energy source, or something to signify a high output of energy via HIM being close by. You can hear various ghosts in all the locations I've seen the orbs so perhaps it's as simple as that.

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                    36. Re: Something hidden in TranZit, possible 2nd easter egg.

                    I Too had played the pisss out of trzt and never came across orbs. Until about last week, had the orbs around the box in the corner of town, not in the bar. One spin it lasted for and I got monkees from the box.

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                      37. Re: Something hidden in TranZit, possible 2nd easter egg.

                      They almost seem like instructions from the Avogadro instead of Maxis or Richtofen... Same as the tunnel signs. Maybe Diner signs too.

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                        38. Re: Something hidden in TranZit, possible 2nd easter egg.

                        Posts like this make me lose some faith in the zombies community. If there was more to the easter egg they wouldn't give you an achievement/trophy until it was fully completed. If it was like moon there would be a second achievement and some prompts that there is more to it. If there was more the bigger YT channels like NGT Zombies and Syndicate would have figured it out already (because I know for a fact that NGT spent hours f**king around with that stupid door).

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                          39. Re: Something hidden in TranZit, possible 2nd easter egg.

                          Some of the in-between posts are related to the orbs, which is off-topic from the OP, on the pylon/street lights, and coming out of the box randomly.

                          That could very well be the prompt people have been intrigued by.

                          Posts like this reinvigorate my faith in the community, for it has spun into a discussion that's interesting, to me at least.

                          I think that's okay, yeah?

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